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Amazing yoga tips for pregnancy that heals, soothes and rejuvenates the body

Amazing yoga tips for pregnancy that heals, soothes and rejuvenates the body

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  22 Jun 2019 12:05 PM GMT

Yoga has unlimited benefits for the human body. Just as it helps in healing the physical and mental problems, it has unlimited benefits for pregnant women too. Pregnancy needs special care, attention, nurturing, comfort and peaceful surrounding and with regular practice of yoga, one can derive these all.

Regular practice of some particular yoga asanas will help in keeping the body supple. A pregnant woman can stay tension-free and just be completely prepared for a smooth labour and delivery. Yoga teaches to breathe deeply and relax the body and these are must-have qualities for stress-free labour and delivery of the baby.

The commonly faced issues during pregnancy, like morning sickness, vomiting, painful legs and back, swollen ankles, constipation and an airy stomach can very well be relieved through yoga. Yoga not only renders comfort but empowers the mind and soul as well.

Some of the most beneficial and widely suggested yoga poses for pregnant women are mentioned below:

Marjariasana (Cat Stretch)


This form of yoga is performed by stretches the neck and shoulders. While doing this particular pose, the woman will have to rest her knees on the mat and move forward with the palms of her hands placed on ground. The spine will be kept straight parallel to ground.

This yoga pose makes the spine flexible, tones the abdominal region, improves blood circulation and also ensures that the reproductive organs are well nourished.

Badhakonasana (Butterfly Pose)


This particular yoga pose is created by sitting straight on the mat with the legs resting on the ground and knees bent. The soles of both the legs have to face each other. The woman performing the yoga will have to hold the toes by both the hands.

The butterfly-pose yoga helps in improving flexibility in the hip and groin region. It also stretches the thighs and knees, relieves pain and facilitates smooth delivery if practiced until late pregnancy.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


The Shavasana or Corpse Pose is performed by lying straight with the back of the body placed on ground. The hands and legs are kept straight and the body is left in a relaxed mode.

This yoga pose relaxes the body, repairs cells and relieves stress which is a must for a pregnant woman.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep)


This yoga pose too is just the same as the Shavasana, the only difference is that one goes into sleep while performing this yoga.

This particular yoga pose reduces tension and anxiety, helps in regulating blood pressure and wonderfully relaxes the cells in the body.

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