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Are You Stress-Eating Often at Work? Stay Hydrated to Avoid Junk

Are You Stress-Eating Often at Work? Stay Hydrated to Avoid Junk

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  1 Oct 2018 1:43 PM GMT

If you are someone who does stress-eating often at work? This article is just for you

If you are wondering about the factors that contribute to the entire performance or your outcome at work, do not give much importance to food.

It is an undeniable truth that life at the office is hectic. In many cases, there is not even time for stopping or slowing down. Which leads to an increase in the stress levels, unhealthy lifestyle habits developes and also a very harmful irregular eating patterns. Most days, our work starts on a healthy note and we have a balanced lunch, but by mid-afternoon, boredom, or having too much work leads to unplanned snack attacks.

Researches have revealed that junk foods containing loads of fat or sugar, or was processed, cause inflammation of not simply the gut, however, the total body, referred to as “systemic inflammation”. In that context, the impact of poor diet occurs because of smoking, pollution, obesity, and lack of exercise etc. But consumption junk food for sure increases the danger of turning into depressed, a study has found.

Sometimes meeting tight deadlines, overlapping meetings and other work promises make us bound to forget or even skip our important snack or meal time. This is not totally helpful actually.

Dr. Rajeshwari Shetty of SL Raheja Hospital is of the opinion that stress eating is a huge point of worry amongst office goers; stress and anxiety-induced hunger can have long-term consequences on your waistline. But making simple and smart food choices throughout one’s workday can help improve their imagination as well as productivity while dropping exhaustion and also minimizing stress.

However here goes a small number of things that one can keep in mind to help you in boosting your power throughout your hectic workday:

  • Never ever skip your breakfast
  • If possible disallow sugary snacks from workplace
  • It is always a wise way-stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. As much as you can!
  • Avoid sugar-laden stuff and stay away from caffeine-rich drinks
  • Always carry a home-made nourishing lunch, that is always wrapped with love! And don’t skip your lunch break
  • Also, allocate a ‘lunch buddy’!

Now here comes hale and hearty snack ideas that will obviously keep you satisfied before and after your lunch:

  • Roasted Chana
  • Nuts Almonds, Walnuts, and Raisins
  • Popcorn
  • Sprout chaat that is made using Moong (Mung Bean) or Matki (Mat Bean)
  • Boiled corn with some boiled peanuts, seasoned with a salt and pepper(that’s really tasty)
  • You can make a combination of steamed veggies like broccoli, baby cornandzucchini. This is yummy along with healthy!
  • Salads are always great. Keep salads prepared with veggies and fruits
  • Roasted Makhana (Lotus seeds)
  • Puffed rice bhel with various kinds of vegetables(that’s up to your preference)
  • Fruit smoothie

So, if you do get stressed out at work and reach for the snack box, these healthy and nutritious snacking options will stimulate you up for the rest of the day giving you a fresh and relaxing feel! Therefore, stay hydrated to avoid junk food.

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