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Awesome Assam : 5 Mouth Watering Assamese Dishes For Your Tastebuds

Awesome Assam : 5 Mouth Watering Assamese Dishes For Your Tastebuds

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  29 Oct 2018 10:38 AM GMT

Food has been a universal affiliation between people for a very very long time now. The fact that even though the ingredients are the same but the end product turns to vary each time, may be a sign of the variety that the world has got to offer. In fact, we do not even have to be compelled to go that far. There is enough diversity in our country to start with and Assam has got to offer just the right kind of flavours to tickle your taste buds. With a wide variety of indigenous food to offer, the food of Assam is legendary for its distinct ingredient and influences. Did I mention that it's a heaven for non-vegetarian lovers? Delicious pork, chicken and mutton dishes can leave you yearning for a lot of.

That's not even all! The herbs and delicate flavours, along with the influence of Bengali cuisine, make the food of Assam a joyous affair for all food lovers!

Here are some delicious food of Assam even most favourite dishes:

1. Khaar - An Assamese meat delicacy

This dish of Assamese cuisine is one among a kind. It's a delicious curry made up of raw papaya, pulses, taro and also with a main non-vegetarian ingredient. All of those is then filtered through dried banana leaves which gives it a unique and an unexpectedly refreshing flavour. It is usually eaten with rice throughout lunch.

2. Duck meat curry

Duck meat, if cooked properly, tastes heavenly. This delicacy of the food of Assam is cooked with Ash Gourd (lauki)and is mostly cooked on special occasions. The use of whole spices gives it a unique flavour. The duck curry can be cooked in keeping with individual preferences that vary from person to person. It can be cooked in lentil, sesame, pumpkin and a lot more!

3. Maasor Tenga (tangy fish curry)

This graceful dish of Assamese cuisine is very refreshing on the palette. The fish curry is made with everything sour and yet its magic seems to be delicious! The fish is slow cooked in a rich, tangy broth made with tomato, Outenga (elephant ear), and lemon. The top result is a melt-in-the-mouth fish, flavoured in pure awesomeness. Ask any Assamese person regarding this dish and watch them drown in home-sickness just at the mention of it.

4. Aloo Pitika

Aloo Pitika is a simple dish attended to rice and dal. A food in its truest sense, Aloo Pitika is loved by all the people out there in Assam. It is essentially mashed potatoes with mustard oil, onion, coriander and salt. This dish is eaten at both lunch and dinner. Assam version of the humble mashed potato is delightfully simple and flavoursome.

5. Ou Khatta

Ou khatta is a delicious sweet and sour chutney made out of ou(elephant apple) and jaggery. The ou is initially cooked then mashed gently. Then it's sauteed with mustard seeds in slight oil then the jaggery is added. The dish then ready as a good compliment to your meal.

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