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Beach Destinations for Newly Weds

MELANGE lists seven stellar beaches with spectacular waterfronts for newly married couples who wish to just soak in the sun or indulge in more hectic water sports

Beach Destinations for Newly Weds

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Many honeymooners like to travel to beach areas. Long beach walks, swimming, reading books on beach chairs, and participating in water sports and aquatic activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are all things you and your partner can do.

Nothing shouts romance to water babies like the coarse dunes and clear ocean waters! Many honeymooners like to travel to beach areas. They are ideal for honeymoons due to their wonderful weather, constant beauty, and a host of other factors. Long beach walks, swimming, reading books on beach chairs, and participating in water sports and aquatic activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are all things you and your partner can do. As there is a chance to stargaze by the seashore while listening to the waves crash, beaches are just as magical at night as they are during the day. Additionally, coastal shacks provide the best atmosphere and feel due to the natural surroundings. Here are seven beachfront locations for a honeymoon.


Ever since we binge-watched American comedies, Hawaii has been added to our travel wish list. Hawaii is home to numerous locations, including the Maui Islands, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, the main island of Hawaii, and many others. Hawaii is best visited between March and September.


Thailand is a fantastic option because it offers the most affordable experience with the clearest waters. Since, Pattaya beach is a popular tourist destination, there are numerous water sports available there. If you skip the scuba diving here, you will find yourself feeding the fish underwater. There is only one way to get all of this recorded, so you will have to pay extra if you want this memory to endure forever. In addition, there are the more seclusion-oriented Krabi and Phi Phi Islands. Additionally, privacy is great, especially for people who are on their honeymoon. Thailand is best visited between November and April.


Bali is a traveler's paradise. It is a very safe nation with stunning scenery. Bali has many islands, including Nusa, Penida, Ubud, and numerous others. Beach lovers, shopaholics, and those seeking leisure and a break from the bustle of daily life will all find a paradise in Bali. There are several isolated beaches that can only be reached after a journey with the most breathtaking island views. Do not forget to sample the street food, go to the neighbourhood cafes, and have a massage in Bali! Bali is best visited between April and October.


115 islands make up the archipelago of Seychelles, which is located in South Africa. South Africa is a fantastic vacation spot, even for families, as it is home to some of the most abundant wildlife and the clearest waters. Try trekking, ziplining, wildlife viewing underwater, shopping, tanning, and many more adventures. The best months to visit Seychelles are April and May, as well as October and November.


This location is just as idolised as Goa was ten years ago, and for good reason. The location is ideal for a honeymoon. It has the required privacy because it is remote and off the main land. Get to test out all the water sports in private, including scuba diving, jet skiing, and parasailing. From December to March is the ideal time to travel to the Maldives.


Bora Bora offers much more than just lazing by the beaches' crystal-clear waters. Try a lot of the seaside shacks and food stalls; marvel at the fauna; shop a lot; go on excursions; feed the fish; see coral gardens; take boat tours; go to the lagoonarium; and more! The ideal season to visit Bora Bora is from May through October.


Greece is a stunning synthesis of natural beauty and human history. This location guarantees that you will see stunning sea views along with Santorini's iconic white and blue Greek buildings! Since Greece is where democracy first emerged, there are many locations that are significant historically. Greek mythology is another fascinating field of study that draws tourists to the country. Try the Greek cuisine, look your best, and take countless photos at this stunning location it is best to visit Greece between April and June and September and October.

So, these are some of the perfect beach locations for a newly married couple which you must visit for the once in a lifetime memories. Surely, you will cherish the moments at a later stage of life.

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