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Beat The Heat This Summer With These 4 Refreshing Non Alcoholic Beverages

Beat The Heat This Summer With These 4 Refreshing Non Alcoholic Beverages

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  11 April 2019 8:16 AM GMT

It’s solely the onset of summers and it already seems like it’s attending to heat and wet within the months to come. As the temperatures soar higher with every passing day, it’s time we to figure out the way to beat the warmth with cool attires, a summer skin, and hair care regime, diet selections and a lot more. Staying well-hydrated is essential within the sweltering heat to stay in the best of health.

Your body tends to lose water, salts and essential minerals at a quicker pace due to excessive sweating. Without any doubt, water is that the most vital drink to quench thirst and balance your system, but these summer beverages are a tasty go-to to feature some flavour to the vital liquid you need to intake. Here are some suggestions you can try this season to remain fresh and keep things cool as you touch upon the rising temperature outside. What’s a lot of, they’re all non-alcoholic choices appropriate for a palate of all age groups.

1. Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera made from water (Jal) and cumin seeds (Jeera) primarily, is ideal for the season and any gastric problems it'd bring at the side of it. Apart from crushed cumin seeds, the drinkable contains mint leaves, coriander leaves, black salt, and lemon juice making it sourish and refreshing. Jal Jeera may be a well-liked welcome drink, appetizer and tasty accompaniment for lunch or brunch.

2. Lassi

This creamy yogurt-based refreshment is considered to be an incredible summer cooler and a staple with some meals. You'll be able to add variations to that and make it either sweet or salty and additionally add flavours like rose, banana, mango, and even off-beat choices like chocolate, Kesar-Pista or avocado lassi. Add a small quantity of cream in your glass of lassi for a treat to your taste buds.

3. Coconut Water

When you wish to imbibe to ease the warmth and keep a check on the calories you intake, a glass of coconut water or if you like to drink it directly from the coconut is that the best option. It additionally makes for an excellent electrolyte that aids to keep dehydration at bay within the hot summer heat.

4. Panna

Panna is also known as Aam Panna, has been a household recipe for years before its commercialization and resulting popularity as a summer drink. It’s made with raw mangoes, cooked with their pulp removed and is had as an appetizer within the summer months. It is also known to instantly cool the system down. Add sugar to taste, mint leaves, crushed roast cumin powder and water for needed consistency and serve chilled.

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