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Bihu Dance: Famous Folk Dance Form in Assam and Other Dance Forms of The State

Assam is the state of Indian known for its biodiversity, silk, handicraft, cultural life and the famous folk dance of the state.

Bihu Dance: Famous Folk Dance Form in Assam and Other Dance Forms of The State

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  19 Oct 2021 12:14 PM GMT

The Indian state Assam situated in the North-eastern region of India is known for various reasons mainly for its widespread natural beauty and diverse culture. Different dance forms of Assam are also something unique about the state which is loved by people all over the country.

There are numerous dance forms that originated from Assam but the very famous folk dance of Assam is known as Bihu, the indigenous folk dance.

Bihu is not just a dance form for Assamese people but also a very important depiction and representation of the diverse culture of the Assamese people. The dance Bihu is connected with the annual Bihu festival celebrated in Assam therefore the folk dance Bihu is adored and loved by the Assamese people as it is related to their identity.

Mostly the dancers of the Bihu dance are groups of young men and women and the dancing style is seen as quick steps and rapid movements of hands. Movements and formations of Bihu dance full of energy make it a watchable dance form. While performing Bihu dance dancers swings their bodies with grace balancing and maintaining the rhythm of their folk music. The colourful costumes and bright smiles make it a more extraordinary dance form.

The women dancer who participates in Bihu wears a traditional dress made of renowned Assam's geographical tag Muga silk called Mekhela Sador which has two parts the Mekhala at the lower part of the body and the Sador is like a shawl which covers the upper half. The boys Bihu dress consists of a dhoti and Gamocha and follows the tunes and sound of musical instruments such as Dhol and Pepa(hornpipe).

Various ethnic groups in Assam admire and perform the Bihu dance as an eminent part of their culture like the Moran, Sonowal, Deories, Borahis, Kacharis and other known tribes. Bihu has emerged as one of the dance forms which has gained much popularity not just at the national level but at the worldwide level. It was even performed and displayed in the London Olympics in 2012 by professional Bihu dancers making the state proud.

Bihu dance is a very significant part of the Rongali Bihu festival celebrated during the coming of the spring season. It is variedly believed among Assamese that for the first-ever time the Bihu dance performance was performed in 1694. At that time the Ahom King Rudra Singha on the auspicious occasion of the Rongali Bihu festival gave invitations to Bihu dancers.

Other important folk dances of Assam apart from Bihu are Jhumar which is mainly performed by the tea community of Assam, Bagurumba dance which is common among the Bodo tribe of Assam, Sattriya which is the 8th main of the Indian classical dances, Deodhani and Ali-Ali Ligang which is a dance form performed mainly among Mishing tribe of Assam.

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