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Bogamati: Famous Picnic Spot in Assam, See Photos

The place Bogamati located in Assam is known variedly for its picnic spot that attracts picnickers. Here are some details and photos of Bogamati Picnic Spot:

Bogamati: Famous Picnic Spot in Assam, See Photos

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Bogamati is situated completely in the recently formed new Baksa district of Assam. It is a beautiful place located at the initial part of Barnadi River and closed to the border of Indo-Bhutan. The water running across Bogamati and deep forests surrounding the place makes it the most loved picnic destination for picnickers.

Bogamati is the best choice for both tourists and locals to enjoy a picnic with a view of natural beauty. Its view of scenic beauty from the Bhutan Hills is something that attracts most of the tourists making Bogamati the most visited place for tourism especially during the season of a picnic. Apart from Bogamati, Baksa is also a tourist attraction because of the Manas National Park with rich flora and fauna situated in Baksa.

Another very important attraction of the Bogamati picnic spot is a statue of Buddha spotted at Bogamati which has a height of 25 feet. Therefore tourists from various other countries such as Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan visit the place with the purpose of having a picnic. The Eco-tourism Society maintains the cleanliness of the picnic place and also looks after the safety issues related to picnickers. The plastic and other non-biodegradable materials used by picnickers sometimes cause a threat to the ecosystem of Bogamati.

The Bogamati picnic spot is said to be opened officially for a picnic by a former MLA of Tamulpur, LAC named Emmanuel Muchahary along with other influential personalities like NGO members, big politicians and the general public.

Varieties of trees, plantations and birds species are available at Bogamati. Numerous Palm trees are visible all around the place along with the existence of wild elephants that live at Bogamati during the daytime and at night hours they went out in search of food. It is the place of adventure as many amusement activities are held at the picnic spot and other activities such as climbing over hills, Water rafting and trekking are possible in Bogamati. The arrangements of all these adventure activities in the place are done by members of the Shikhar Adventure Club of Goreswar.


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