Bohag Bihu 2022: Here Are The Famous Assamese Dishes To Celebrate Bihu

The major Assamese festival Bohag Bihu has arrived and people are all set to celebrate the festival by enjoying delicious dishes. Here are the recipes for the famous Assamese dishes.
Bohag Bihu 2022: Here Are The Famous Assamese Dishes To Celebrate Bihu

The Assamese festival Bohag Bihu has arrived and people across the states are busy preparing delicious food items to enjoy during the occasion. So here are some of the famous Assamese dishes that you musthave during the Bihu celebration.

Bihu dishes:

Gila Pitha: 

Gila Pitha is one of the main food items for the Bihu festival that is prepared in almost every household during the occasion. Prepare a mixture of rice flour, jaggery, sticky rice and orange peel to create the wet dough and then leave it overnight. on the next day make small oval-shaped balls by adding baking powder into the mixture and finally deep fry the balls in mustard oil.

Bora Saulor Aroiya Pitha: 

To prepare Bora Saulor Aroiya Pitha, wash the Bora Saul or Thai Sticky rice and dry it, then grind the wet rice after draining water. Add shredded coconut, and sugar and keep the mixture on low flame until the coconut binds and sugar melts. Spread the rice powder in a Tawa in a circular shape and put the coconut. Fold the pitha and keep pressing one side with a clean cloth so that fold doesn't get opened.

Laai Xaak Khar Pitha Guri Di: 

Laai Xaak Khar Pitha has a unique taste and it is prepared occasionally to celebrate special festivals. To prepare Laai Xaak Khar Pitha, first, you need to fry garlic then make a mixture of ginger-garlic paste chopped rai herbs and chili and start stirring. Add salt, boiled chopped arbi and alkaline (khar) and then stir well. After some time add mustard paste, water and rice paste and keep it on low flame.

Narikolor Poor Diya Joon Pitha: 

It is a sweet dish prepared during Bohak Bihu to add more light to the festival. The pitha is a coconut filling that is later deeply fried in oil to enjoy with friends and families as evening snacks.

Aloo Pitika: 

The dish made from mashed potato is regarded as the signature side dish in every Assamese household. It is very easy to prepare Aloo pitika as you only need mashed potato, onion, chilly and salt to make a tasty mixture.

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