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Chandubi Lake; Visit This Place to Experience Jungle Camping and Eco-Resort

Chandubi Lake is situated close to Guwahati Assam provides Jungle camping and also an Eco resort, a must visit place for tourists

Chandubi Lake; Visit This Place to Experience Jungle Camping and Eco-Resort

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Chandubi Lake is located 65 kilometres from the city of Guwahati in between the immense foothills of the Garo Mountain. The lake was formed as a result of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Assam in 1897. Chandubi is a place to visit where one could find peace and calmness as it is located miles away from the noises and pollution of the city and modern civilization.

Chandubi has a total of two thousand hectares of land and the whole area is surrounded by beautiful villages, distinct tea plantations and dense forests. It provides million dollar experience and the best moments for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature, its true essence being in the lap of it. The lake is suggested as the finest choice to find a spot for a picnic and attracts a great number of visitors from different regions during the picnic season.

The lake also attracts numerous migratory birds along with residential birds during the season of winter. Along with its attraction of natural beauty the place Chandubi Lake is even well-known for the unique and vibrant culture of the surrounding villages. Fishing and cycling are some other features of the lake which is enjoyed by tourists. All of the unique qualities in the lake make it an ideal spot for visitors all over the states to visit during their holidays.

The Lake of Chandubi provides Jungle Camp where the visitors get the chance to experience camping and spend quality time in deep forests. The Jungle Camp is found in the range of Palashbari, can be reached easily from Mirza, Guwahati and is about 37 kilometres away from the main Guwahati airport. The Jungle camp has a pure natural environment with network coverage but provides camping, exciting jungle hike, boat rides and a restaurant with ethnic foods. Visitors during their stay in the Jungle Camp are often served free breakfast.

Chandubi Jungle Camp

The Lake along with Jungle Camp also adds an Eco resort where the visitors could stay for as many days as they want and witness the beauty of the place. The resort of Chnadubi promotes their local culture and unique traditions mainly the Rabha culture with their tribal cuisines such as chumga, which is one of the varieties of curry and Ou Tenga Di Masor Anja a curry of fish made with a mixture of rice beer and a type of apple called elephant apple. The Chamdubi Eco resort includes 8 tents and huge houses of trees making the guests comfortable.

Chandubi Eco-resort

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