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Coffee Person? Here's How to Make Richer, Healthier and Better Coffee at Home

Coffee Person? Heres How to Make Richer, Healthier and Better Coffee at Home

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 Sep 2018 12:26 PM GMT

Luxurious, smooth coffee comes when we use high-fat milk or rich-tasting creamers the higher the fat, the better. In some cases, the creams that turn into froth provides a creamy texture with less fat. In its black avatar it has its place as a quick pick-me-up, but when you balance the beverage's bitter and acidic flavours with a rich creamer and a hint of sweetness, you elevate coffee to the level of a gourmet treat.

If we consumed a proper coffee, it can actually aid in weight loss, so all we need to do is to avoid the artificial creations made in stores. And if you still need this amazing drink from the retail store, you can just learn it how to make that cup work for you instead of against you.

1. Add Grass-fed Butter to Coffee


The popularity of the Bulletproof Diet is undeniable. But what it makes started the craze among the peoples, that it was the world-famous Bulletproof Coffee. By simply adding grass-fed butter to your morning or evening black drink, you will get a nice brain-boosting buzz as well as all the health benefits of grass-fed butter. Try to blend it with a handheld blender or latte frother if you are stuck with globs of butter on top of your coffee.

2. Add Coconut Oil to Your Cup


Similar to adding grass-fed butter, coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats. When it comes to our brain health, coconut oil may also be largely beneficial. Some studies have examined the potential links between reduction in Alzheimer’s disease rates and daily ingestion of coconut oil. So adding coconut oil in your coffee add a little bit of this fat to your morning coffee. As the combination of coffee and coconut oil is amazing, just taste it even though if you are not a fan of it.

3. Add Some Cocoa to Your Coffee


Do you love hot chocolate? Most of us have delightful memories of having coffee, with family, friends, or the loved one in the cold month of winter. But there is no worry now as because we can add some of the organic, unsweetened cocoa to your coffee, and bring back those warm memories! Cocoa has numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease and a lower risk of cancer. Remember, don’t go overboard here. A small teaspoon is more than enough!

4. Add Cinnamon to Coffee


Coffee lovers, do you want to add even more antioxidants to your cup and control your blood sugar? Here, how you can add it to your cup, just add a pinch of cinnamon to your cup! Interestingly, cinnamon has a fairly long history of use as both a spice and a medicine. While it can be used at any time of the year. And if we talk about the health benefit of cinnamon, then it itself has been linked with numerous health benefits. One of the most important benefits of the cinnamon is lower blood glucose levels after a meal. And in those with type 2 diabetes, cinnamon has been linked to lower serum glucose levels and an improved lipid profile.

5. Use Filtered Water and Organic Beans


Coffee is 99% of water. While this may seem obvious, we often don’t take into account the quality of that water when brewing a morning cup. So just start with the rich and highest quality of ingredients, and you will ensure that best cuppa possible. This goes for the beans, too as it is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world, pesticide-wise, so you really don’t want to go with beans of dubious quality.

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