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Diamonds- The Ever Enduring, The Ever Precious

Diamonds- The Ever Enduring, The Ever Precious

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  22 Sep 2018 12:57 PM GMT

Gone are those days when one had to make a big hole out of his pocket for affording a little piece of diamonds. With huge discounts and offers on the festive occasions and great competition amongst the jewellery brands to pull customers every day, you can today afford a solitaire or a pendant just within 12 to 20 thousand bucks and that truly is a good news for our men!

Picking the best diamond

Here are some quick tips for the first time buyers:

Check out the four C’s

Colour- Although the colourful diamonds are greatly in fashion these days, but if you are in search of the ideal diamond then it must be the colourless one.

Carat- For the ones who are looking for a diamond within his budget, a smaller piece of stone will be ideal and vice-versa. So, the bigger the size of the stone, the pricier it is.

Clarity – Clarity of the stone and its crystal clear look denotes how pure and perfect the diamond is. Any small crack or flecks of black carbon can be caught in a piece of pure diamond. But as sometimes the naked eye of the first time buyers may not be able to spot those, a proper and close scrutiny is a must.

Cut – Before looking at the style and shine of the diamond, one must look out for the cut of the stone. It is the perfection of the cut of the stone that refers to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond and thus shows how brilliantly it is being cut out. Remember, the better cut a diamond is, the more shining it will be.

What Style?

Choosing the style of diamond is actually not so difficult when you are sure of your budget. No doubt there will be confusions if you carry your woman along or if your craze for diamonds can never be defined. The more stylishly cut a stone will be, the heavier it will fall on your pocket. So, start with the miniature sizes and the simple styles and likewise calculate which one you can actually afford.

  • What diamond jewellery do you currently have
  • What diamond jewellery is currently needed in your wardrobe
  • Is there any friend of you who have good experiences and knowledge in buying a diamond? If yes then consult him/her for once.
  • While buying a diamond ring, you must see that it is of the exact size and if it is a diamond bracelet then knowing the diameter of the wrist and adding ¾' to 1' to the bracelet is necessary.

What’s in trend!

Apart from the traditional designs and jewellery in diamond, several new look and use of diamonds can be seen lately. You can find diamond studded wrist watches, phone covers, shoes, cars, clutches and handbags, eye gears, showpieces and even lingerie. Of course, these are an affair of the millionaires only but the reasonable prices of the diamonds today can tempt you too to keep an outlandish hobby like this!

So, when are you planning to respect the femininity of your lady or to diamonds for your lady love? Go for it and never lose a chance to wow your woman!

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