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Diet and Health Tips for Night Shift Workers: No Compromise on Health

Diet and Health Tips for Night Shift Workers: No Compromise on Health

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Aug 2018 1:20 PM GMT

There is no denying about the fact that the workers, who work at the night shift are fast losing on their health. After working for so long and hectic schedules people is lead to irregular appetites, rapid changes in weight and a high risk of gastrointestinal disorders. If it happens with you and if you come under the same category, then it's time for you to bring some changes in your lifestyle as it may lead to a host of health problems. Nighthawk usually suffers from the weight gain issues, as the possible reasons for this could be too much caffeine, high-calorie snacks, irregular eating hours and lack of exercise. According to Dr. Shikha Sharma's book, '101 Weight Loss Tips', "Maintaining regular eating habits without skipping meals are very important. An excess of spices can aggravate gastric secretion, leading to hyper-acidity. Try and avoid greasy and spicy food at night."

compulsion diets are always tended to have lots of restrictive or complex rules for their health, which give the impression that they carry scientific heft, when, in reality, the reason is that they often work for at least in the short term, which simply eliminates entire food groups, so for that you automatically cut out all the calories. Moreover, the rule to be healthy are always hard to stick with and when you stop it, you will regain the lost weight.

Here are some tips to the Nighthawk to loss weight:

  • One should try and cut down all the limits for the consumption of greasy foods, sweets, soft drinks, and caffeine. Too much caffeine intake may lead to irritability, anxiety and blood pressure. Apart from this, it can also hamper the absorption of iron and calcium in the body. Replacing such foods with fresh vegetables and fruits can lead to being beneficial as they are loaded with lots of fiber that will help you to lose weight.
  • stress can be turn out to be a major culprit when its come about the weight gain. It is essential to manage the stress levels in order to guide clear for the stress eating, wherein we end up resorting to unhealthy junk foods that are loaded with calories. Everyone should try and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle in order to aid in weight loss. Sleep well and get good rest before you start your work.
  • Night shift workers usually have to face irregular eating patterns. However, one should not skip their meals, especially when it comes to breakfast as it can disturb the whole body cycle, which further can lead to weight gain. Before starting your day everyone should ensure to have a small regular breakfast, like cereals with milk and fruits to lose weight.
  • Many people work for longer than a few hours without food that makes them more likely to overeat later. Find a meal-timing pattern that works best for you. If you eat between meals a healthful “mini-snacks” that contain 100 to 200 calories, such as a small container of low-fat yogurt with a handful of berries; two tablespoons of hummus with a cup of baby carrots or sliced bell peppers; a slice of cheese or two thin slices of turkey on half a whole-grain pita; an ounce small handful of nuts; or a tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana is good for your health.
  • An often overlooked factor in body weight may be your sleep habits. Though the optimal amount of sleep varies from person to person if you sleep fewer than six hours a night in one study has been linked to weight gain because it may affect the appetite hormones and lead to increased hunger and food intake, decreased calorie burning and increased fat storage.

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has found that dieters who regularly record what they eat, lose more weight than those who don’t. It doesn’t matter how you do it—in a notebook, on the computer, or with an app on your phone, as long as you record your intake consistently and honestly even including condiments and tastings you may take while cooking. This simple act makes you more accountable for what you eat and helps you see patterns in your eating habits that may be contributing to weight gain.

There are many formulas that marketed for your healthy diet to lose your weight —touted to burn fat, boost metabolism, control sugar cravings, or counter a genetic predisposition to obesity. all you need to follow and go through it.

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