Diwali 2021: Know About Famous Diwali Sweets & How to Make Diwali Desserts with Easy and Quick Recipes

Sweets are an important part of any celebration and we all know Diwali 2021 is coming so this Diwali make sweets at home with a simple recipe adding very few ingredients
Diwali 2021: Know About Famous Diwali Sweets & How to Make Diwali Desserts with Easy and Quick Recipes

Diwali 2021 is almost here and without sweets, any festival or its celebration remains incomplete. Offering sweets to guests and others is like a ritual during a festival like Diwali.

As this year Diwali is nearby people has already started making desserts and sweets at home with full of excitement to enjoy with friends and families. Every year as Diwali comes, people get engaged with lots of work to do as they need to clean their houses and make a selection of new attires for the puja. During such a busy schedule you may surely look for some easy ways to make sweets with easy recipes that are less time consuming but delicious to eat. So here is a solution where you can make sweets for Diwali by adding very ingredients and taking less time.

Here are some of the tasty desserts recipes for Diwali with quick and simple methods:


Kaju Katli is a very common sweet at the time of festivals that people love to have as its taste is very delicious. Not just in festivals but it is an all time favorite sweet for most of the people in India. Therefore if you wish to make it at home with simple steps you just need sugar, milk and cashews. This mixture of sugar, milk and cashews makes Kaju Katli ready just a few times.


1. Blend milk and cashews in a blender to make a good paste

2. Cook the mixture on low flame until the sugar gets melted

3. Stir over medium flame until looks like dough paste

4. Cool it down and roll it onto a surface greased with a rolling pin

5. Cover the silver-lead and cut pieces into the shapes of diamonds.


Shrikhand is a type of sweet from Gujarat is a very famous sweet among people as it is the best choice in the case of sweets for many. It is a thick dessert with lots of cream that makes it yummy to eat. The recipe of Shrikhand is very simple, it is made using only Sugar, good quality Curd and Cardamom.


1. Put Dahi in a strainer lined with thin cloth and remove the extra water by the process

2. Put the Dahi in a bowl and add sugar along with half the cardamom making a smooth mixture

3. Garnish the mixture with rest of the Cardamom left

4. Freeze for minimum 2 hours before serving


Coconut Til Ladoo is a coconut sweet with a refreshing taste that can increase your desire to have it. It is a type of Ladoo made up of sweetness from dates and roasted seeds of sesame to provide and add extra taste in its amazing flavour.


1. Dry roast sesame on medium flame until turns light golden

2. Keep foe sometime for cooling

3. Add coconut and continue to stir properly

4. After cooling grind in grinder for a few seconds

5. After grinding add chopped dates and coconut powder

6. Make ladoo from the grounded sesame seeds by rolling the mixture in hands


Haldi kulfi is a mouth-watering dessert with a lovely taste which is available in many restaurants and sweet shops. It has a very comfortable taste which makes it unique from others. The three important ingredients needed to make this tasty sweet are Sugar, Milk and as the name suggest Turmeric.


1. Add turmeric and sugar to boiled milk

2. Let the milk boil till it is reduced to 1/4th of its real content

3. Pour mixture into a mould of silicon

4. Keep for freezing for at least 4 hours


Jowar Ladoo is a very tasty sweet but healthy as well because the protein level of this particular Ladoo is higher. This is made following a very simple process which includes the combination of Ghee, Jowar flour and Jaggery.


1. Firstly roast the flour of Jowar in Ghee

2. Keep in low flame and mix jaggery

3. Keep string the mixture until jaggery gets melted

4. When it gets mixed well switch off the flame and let it cool down

5. Make rounds with the mixture by smearing ghee on hand

Some of the famous South Indian Diwali sweets are Mysore Bonda, Teepi Gavvalu, Thenkuzhal Murukku, Paniyaram and Deepawali Marundhu much loved during Diwali.

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