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Exciting picnic games for friends and family

Picnics can be very fun and interesting with games. Read this article to have an idea about some fun picnic games to play with friends and family.

Exciting picnic games for friends and family

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It is that time of the year when people are overexcited and enthusiastic about welcoming the whole New Year with good hopes and aspirations. The festive seasons are going on and everyone is busy planning for get-togethers and family picnics. Good food, good music, pleasant weather, interesting company, and exciting games make an ideal outing or picnic, right? So, if you are thinking of what kind of games to play in your outing with friends or family then this article is defiantly for you. Continue reading this article to have interesting ideas about fun picnic games for large groups.

Below are some fascinating picnic games for large groups:

1. Tossing rings:

It is just similar to the truth and dares with a twist.

Direction: Split two families into two teams with five members each. So the two teams need to toss the hula hoops and have to throw it on the other team's peg. The team which successfully gets to land the hula hoops will ask questions to the other team who are losing and they need to answer honestly.

2. Three-legged race:

now, I think all of you are quite familiar with this game which you've defiantly played once in your childhood sports days. So, just relive those moments.

Direction: The game is quite simple. So, all the members have to be in partners. Tie each leg out of the two members with a piece of cloth and whistle. The duo who crossed the finish line first wins.

3. Bowling:

this is also interesting.

Directions: take eight to ten water bottles filled with sands. Now form a pyramid out of it. All the members should line up horizontally and whoever got strike more number of bottles with a football or a basketball, wins.

4. Dodge balls:

this picnic game is best suited for adults.

Directions: you just need a football or basketball and all the members must stand by forming a circle. One member should be at the center of the circle that apparently starts the game. He or she got to hit the ball to everyone and whoever survived in the end, wins.

5. Hide and seek:

Now hide and seek is very famous and is played all over the world. This game also lightens up at any moment.

Direction: So, one needs to count till ten or twenty and the other members have to rush to search for a suitable place to hide. The seeker needs to seek the member. The one who got caught first, have to be the next seeker.

6. Antakshari:

Antakshari is quite popularly played in India. It is a favorite pass time for any event where people love playing it.

Directions: Split your groups into two teams. One has to toss for which team will go first. The team who starts will sing a song and the last words of the lyric where they stopped; the other team has to sing other songs with that particular word. Now, of course, there should be a time limitation for thinking. The team, who is unable to sing the songs with the given word, loses.

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