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Facts to know before watching horror movies

Facts to know before watching horror movies

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  23 Jun 2018 1:31 PM GMT

Have you ever wondered why people love watching Horror movies? Our approach towards horror movies is very complex. Its true we love watching those gothic movies but at the end of it, we become so scared that we decide to not watch any horror and then again end up watching another one. There might be a verity of the reason why every individual love watching horror movies. But these facts will blow your mind.

Curiosity: As being a human, we love to explore and we have a nature of being curious which makes our brain very active which makes us satisfied mentally.

Intense emotions: We love to express our emotions in everyway. This type of movies gives us an opportunity to pore out our emotions which make us feel good.

Feelings: Feelings are a part of us and some of them leave us with a positive as well as negative vibe. But many of the feeling are there within us which we have experienced very less. And fear is one of them that we don’t experience in daily bases so these movies gives us the opportunity to experience them in a different level.

Music : Have you ever watched Horror movies without sound. Its less scary right, that’s because of the sounds that are used in the background that triggered our animal instincts. These sounds are known as ‘non-linearities’ which consist of a noise of female scream, animal screams (produced during an attack) and some other disturbing sounds.

Graphics and make ups are also the reasons that adds up to the list. So the next time before watching any horror movie make a point to keep a check of yourself that whether we are getting tricked by our own brain or by the trick music played in the background.

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