First Ever Drone Pilot Training School in North East India

First Ever Drone Pilot Training School in North East India

AMTRON has taken the initiative with Edurade as its training partner. AMTRON has already secured the approval of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for starting the remote pilot training school.

The incessant rains, scorching sun and vagaries of nature often create havoc and turbulence in people's life. Hovering in the air is a veritable solution to human miseries. Yes the solution is indeed drones. Drones have helped mankind in many a crisis situation, especially in those distressing situations where one human being could not reach out to another.

Taking this as a cue, the Assam Electronics Development Corporation Limited (AMTRON) has taken a pioneering lead to take this technology to the youth. Consequently, the North-Eastern part of India is now going to get its first-ever remote pilot training school, thus marking a new era in education combined with technology. AMTRON has already secured the approval of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for starting the remote pilot training school. Speaking to media, M. K. Yadava, Indian Forest Service (IFS), Ex-MD, AMTRON expressed the importance of drone technology in our society, and the importance of such institutes. He said that such a school will be a turning point for the youth, as they will not only get trained from some of the best and forward thinking professionals of the country (EduRade which is an acknowledged brand is the training partner) but also get ample job opportunities. The best part is that they need not venture out of the region to acquire this training.

Resonating this vein of thought, S. Sundar, IFS, MD, AMTRON too on his part stated that the opening of such schools shall open up new avenues for the youth of North East India and also provide them a vision to use this technology for the betterment of their society. "As is the case with any other technology, drone technology shall throw a huge plethora of opportunities for the youth of the north eastern region," reiterates Sundar. Needless to say knowledge about drone technology shall eventually also lead to a spurt of entrepreneurial ventures.

With the ability to scale huge distances both vertically and horizontally, drones provide the ability to reach places (that humans simply cannot) very efficiently. In recent years as hardware improved to make drones lighter, stronger and faster, the potential for drones also grew exponentially. Today, drones are used in construction, photography, agricultural, defense and other industries. They are used to protect the skies, repopulate forests and accomplish much more on a huge scale.

EduRade, the training partner of AMTRON is a Government of India recognised start-up incubated at IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. It has trained many youngsters in relation to drones in premier institutions including the IITs and NITs. It has several trainers who are certified by DGCA. These trainers are now on boarded onto the AMTRON Drone School Initiative to conduct the Drone Pilot License Training Programme. In short, the training at AMTRON Drone School would be imparted by trainers who are already adept in using the drone technology. Therefore EduRade, together with AMTRON, would help in bridging the skill gap ensuring the employability of the educated youth of Assam.

AMTRON feels that with EduRade, this remote pilot training school will skill the youth to make use of drones effectively and also educate them on how the drone manning techniques can be leveraged for assisting people during distress. The youth shall also be educated on how drones can help the agricultural sector, health related services and other fields.

The first DGCA approved drone training school in the country was inaugurated in Haryana and was started in 2021. Until now there are 23 drone schools registered in the country. Now with the opening of this school in Guwahati, Assam finds its place in the Drone Map of India. The AMTRON Drone School at the tech city with flying ground at the Assam Forest School, Jalukbari is slated to be one of the top ranking drone schools in the country.

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