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Follow A "Tech Diet" To Conquer Addiction- Here's How

Follow A Tech Diet To Conquer Addiction- Heres How

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  28 Jan 2019 12:30 PM GMT

Thanks to the social media and the internet, more and more individuals have realized the worth of the phrase ‘health is wealth’. However, the irony lies within the realization that disbursement an excessive amount of time on your phone, portable computer adversely affects your health. And to contend with this, we tend to have already got fabricated the construct of the digital ward (taking a clear stage from technology) however this is getting to step any by choosing a ‘tech diet’. To understand what a ‘tech diet’ is, we got in touch with nutritionists Sujatha Shetty and Tripti Tandon, who explain what this diet is and why it’s needed.

Check Out How Tech Diet Can Affect Our Health

According to specialists, once you are victimization your smartphone or your portable computer, around six neurochemicals are discharged in our body; and that they have an effect on the body furthermore. These six neurochemicals are:

1) Adrenaline

Discharged within the situations of fight or flight. In the context of victimization your phone, they're affected once somebody likes your post on Facebook or retweets your tweet on Twitter.

2) Dopamine

Dopamine can be defined as a pleasure neurochemical whose purpose is to give us desire to seek and to be rewarded i.e. instant gratification. Social media drives on manipulating your behavior by supplying you with dopamine hit that you simply get from instant notifications once you are active on social media.

3) Serotonin

It’s discharged in our bodies after we are feeling creative when we are engaged in something. As an example, partaking in an exceedingly Twitter speech communication that's in public appreciated.

4) Endorphins

Conjointly referred to as painkillers of the body. They're discharged after we expertise appreciativeness, a way of calm or happiness. They trigger a positive feeling in your body. As an example, the sensation you get once you get quite one thousand likes on your Instagram post.

5) Cortisol

This is often discharged stressful situations. Let’s say you post something on social media and hope to urge a positive response however it doesn’t happen, so you get wired.

6) Oxytocin

Conjointly referred to as a cuddle or love endocrine. It's discharged once you feel a way of reference to somebody. As an example, hanging a brand new friendly relationship on social media.

Do you Know Any Thing That Called Healthy Technology

According to specialists, technology is often healthy provided that victimization it provides us, let’s say an honest indefinite quantity of brain-boosting oxytocin or endorphins. Specialists conjointly state that their apps that help us but there is a risk that you might get addicted to them. Hence, the only way is using technology moderately, practicing digital detox and a tech diet.

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