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From Living in Mumbai Slum to Working at Microsoft, This Woman's Inspiring Story Goes Viral

Shaheena Attarwala, a woman born in a Mumbai slum is now living her dream life as a Product Design Manager at Microsoft

From Living in Mumbai Slum to Working at Microsoft, This Womans Inspiring Story Goes Viral

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From not being able to afford a computer to work at one of the world's leading tech companies, from growing up in a slum to living in a spacious Mumbai apartment, meet Shaheena Attarwala whose inspiring story is from rags to riches is a sort of an inspiration to many women.

Shaheena Attarwala, a Microsoft executive whose story went viral when she published it on social media after watching the popular OTT show Bad Boy Billionaires India, has offered people another source of motivation.

Life in the slum was hard and exposed me to severest living conditions, gender bias, and sexual harassment but it also fuelled my curiosity to learn and to design a different life for myself,"

Shaheena's father had moved to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh and worked as a hawker on the Bandra streets. When she saw a computer at school, she realized that these devices could help to level the playing field. She recalls pressuring her father to take out a loan and enroll her in a computer class. She began to save money by foregoing lunch and walking home rather than taking the bus.

Her efforts were rewarded, and she went on to seek a career in design. "After decades of living in the slums, his patience and sacrifice have helped us rise to a better life," she says of her father. We concentrated on conserving, living within our means, and making sacrifices where required."

Attarwala graduated from Mumbai University with an SSC, HSC, and B.Com. Her education was focused on her overall development as a person and professional, not simply academics. She chose diverse areas of learning during her graduation and concentrated a lot of her resources on design to get a complete learning experience, especially in terms of management.

Apart from this, Shaheena Attarwala also took up a Diploma in Visual Communication and Design from an NIIT, taking her a step closer to advancing her qualifications. But it was not just the academics that increased her pace on the success ladder, it was also her grit, determination, and the will to never give up that made her who she is today

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