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From The Great Train Heist To the Stolen Mona Lisa: Top 10 Robbery List

There are some great real heists that changed the face of the world starting from train heists in history to the Mona Lisa. Here are some of the greatest and biggest robberies of all time:

From The Great Train Heist To the Stolen Mona Lisa: Top 10 Robbery List

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Nov 2021 2:13 PM GMT

In the making of the good heist movie, a good concept comes out only after working for months along with a group of experts guided by a mastermind. To steal millions of dollars the makers need to use heat sensors, motion sensors and have to choose a mission with impossible probability.

In the case of a real heist too the situation is something similar as the thieves put all their efforts. There are some of the biggest heists that are weird but amazing and if such stories are depicted on big-screen people won't believe it to be a real incident.

Let's discuss some of the biggest heists that changed the world:

1. Graff Diamonds Robbery: This heist in 2009 is the largest ever gems heist in England of all time that took place when two men entered the Graff Diamonds located in New Bond Street in London. The thieves stole a total of 34 items of jewellery of worth near dollar 40 million.

2. Antwerp Diamond Heist: This real heist of diamonds in 2003 is like a Hollywood thriller where the thieves stole jewellery worth more than dollar 100 million. The place was protected with 10 layers of security with heat detectors, magnetic field and seismic sensor.

3. The Great Train Robbery: This multimillion-dollar robbery where the robbers stole the Queen's train in 1963 is known as the crime of the century which changed the history of England. The podcast on Luminary by British Villains tells the narrative that's never been told before.

4. Millennium Dome Robbery: This heist of targeting rare diamond of $529 million took place in London in the year 2000 and the robbers caught were known as the greatest robbers in history.

5. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist: In March 1990 at night two thieves entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which was a collection of masterpieces. The thieves took away the world's finest paintings valued at $500 million.

6. The Lufthansa Robbery: In December 1978, an employee along with some helpers entered the German Lufthansa airline and stole six million dollar jewellery and cash.

7. Aleksandr Andreevich Panin: The Russian cyber thief stole malicious software called 'SpyEye' which infected 1.4 million computers and bank accounts.

8. The Great Oil Heist: In the year 2011, subsidiaries of Shell and ENI paid US$ 1.1 billion to the Nigerian government for the blocking with estimated oil reserves of 9 billion barrels.

9. Dansk Værdihåndtering Robbery: Danish krona between 60 and 62 million, in other words, $ 9.7 million, was stolen from Dansk Værdihåndtering, a security firm in Brondby. The heavy-armed gang of 16 men shot at the streets during the robbery.

10. The Mona Lisa Theft: The thief Vincenzo Peruggia who stole the Mona Lisa painting is known worldwide for stealing the painting in the year 1911

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