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Here Are Some Precautions To Follow While Using Bluetooth Headphone

Here Are Some Precautions To Follow While Using Bluetooth Headphone

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  28 March 2019 10:43 AM GMT

In the year 2015, an appeal was created by 247 scientists from 42 countries to the World Health Organization and therefore the United Nations to adopt stricter pointers for electromagnetic fields exposure from wireless devices to reduce the health risks that stem from them. The scientists warned that there are many health risks related to the utilization of wireless devices like Bluetooth headphone. Exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless devices will cause cancer, genital damage, neurological disorders, memory defects, learning problems, and reproductive issues.

Electromagnetic fields are invisible areas of energy or radiation produced by electricity. Our wireless headphones, used mostly with Bluetooth, emit a particular kind of non-ionizing EMF called radiofrequency radiation (RFR). In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified this kind of radiation as harmful to humans. Another study in 2018 revealed that exposure to such radiations might cause cancer in rats. Whereas discussions on making the guidelines stricter goes on, the big question is how to keep yourself safe from these radiations. Here are a few precautions you can take.

Use the speakerphone

If you're on call for a long period of your time because of your work or maybe personal reasons, using the speakerphone could also be the best possibility for you, to avoid potential health risks that come with the utilization of Bluetooth or wireless headphones. Folks who enjoy listening to music or podcasts should also use the speakers, and not wireless headphones to listen to their daily dose of entertainment.

Use wired headphones

Another possibility that you just can use, if not the speakerphone is wired headphones or earphones, tho' speakers would be the additional more preferred choice here. People who stay on call or listen to something on their phones for long hours ought to avoid the utilization of wireless, Bluetooth headsets.

Keep them off from children

Children have vulnerable bodies – tiny heads, thinner skulls, and naive nerves. They're significantly at a greater risk of developing any such problems if exposed to those harmful electromagnetic radiations. It's extraordinarily necessary to keep them off from wireless headphones and headsets and inculcate habits that embrace the smallest amount use of smartphones. If they need to watch cartoons and movies, they must do so only on speakers.

Do not use your phone on low signal

According to specialists, when your phone has low signal, it emits more of such radiations that are harmful to your health and body. It's suggested that you just don't use your phone once the signal is poor, and instead solely use it once the signal is stable and strong.

Keep your phone away

You should keep your phone away, as often as possible and not sleep with it around your head. You want to conjointly keep it at a distance from your face, all the time. It's not possible to utterly avoid these radiations, but reducing the utilization of phones might facilitate keep the potential health risks trapped.

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