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How to Test Pregnancy at Home? At-home Pregnancy test

The feeling of becoming a mother is just inexpressible. There are ways to test it at home. Read this article to know some natural ways to test pregnancy.

Pregnancy: How to test it naturally at home?

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 Jan 2021 2:03 PM GMT

The feeling of becoming a mother is just inexpressible and it feels out of the world. It is indeed a kind of beautiful achievement for every mother. But the nine whole months of the journey is not a piece of cake and so is conducting a pregnancy test. To be anxious is an obvious feeling regarding the results. One with unplanned pregnancy would prefer a private test than that in a doctor's lab. Missing periods is the early sign of pregnancy. However, thankfully, there exists certain natural homemade pregnancy test that not only determines you're pregnant or not but only really works. Such techniques are being used since ancient times and it is absolutely natural. It functions by detecting the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCL) level in the urine. The good thing about this is that it helps to maintain the sense of privacy in cases of unplanned pregnancy, the ingredients are easily available, plus it is safe and secure.

Conducting a test in the lab is naturally more reliable than that of any other techniques but sometimes it might not be possible for any reason so a home pregnancy test is a better option for it. They are quite simple but it is mandatory to follow the instruction very cautiously in order to get an accurate result.

Continue reading this article to know some at-home techniques to check pregnancy without a kit.

Natural way to test pregnancy at home:

Below mentioned are certain at-home pregnancy test techniques that are conducted naturally without using a kit:

1. Bleaching powder:

This method is quick and provides accurate results. Collect your urine into a clean container. Add some bleaching powder into it and mix thoroughly without having lumps. If it creates a foam that means pregnant and if it doesn't create foam then you're not pregnant.

2. Sugar:

This method was quite popular in the ancient period and is very easy. Into a bowl take some amount of sugar and add urine into it. If you see the sugar forming clumps that mean yes and if the sugar starts dissolving then the result is no. It means that the HCG hormone in the urine didn't let the sugar dissolve.

3. Toothpaste:

Use any white-colored toothpaste. Mix the urine into two spoons of toothpaste in a container. If you notice the mixture changing color and become frothy then yes, you are pregnant.

4. Vinegar:

White vinegar is helpful in testing pregnancy. Into a plastic container, take some white vinegar and your urine and mix it thoroughly. If the vinegar changes color and gets bubbles then the result is yes and it doesn't then vice versa.

5. Salt:

This method is similar to that of sugar. Mix urine and some salt together and if the salts turn creamy white clump then yes the result is positive and vice versa.

6. Soap:

You can go for any kind of shower soap and pour some urine onto it. If you see bubbles then the result is positive.

7. Baking soda:

Mix two spoons of baking soda and your urine each into a container. If it gets bubbles then the result is positive.

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