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Proper orientation of positive energy can enhance the grasping power of the brain and improve memory.


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Proper orientation of positive energy can enhance the grasping power of the brain and improve memory. The east and the northeast are the main directions for this purpose. It has been advised to study facing east as the energy coming from the east is mellow and spiritual in nature. Goddess Saraswati who controls fine arts, music and studies, rules the east direction. Students of commerce and business can gain by studying facing north because this direction is ruled by the God of prosperity and the Goddess Lakshmi.

1. For any educational institution, the main entrance is best from the northeast. If the main road is at west or south, then western northwest and southern southeast can be considered.

2. The prayer hall must be at northeast for maximum benefit.

3. There must be vacant area at east and north in the form of playgrounds, etc. which will also empower the children to develop their skills better.

4. Classrooms should face north or east and the students should also face this direction.

5. There should be more windows and ventilators at the north and east.

6. The toilet block for the entire school should be constructed at northwest or west.

7. The school canteen should be at southeast.

8. Generators, inverters and electrical meters, etc., should be placed at southeast.

9. The administrative block should be at north or east. The Principal should sit facing the east at the southwest of the room.

10. A water body like a swimming pool, pond or lake at northeast is very good for educational institutes.

If the school or institute has residential facilities like hostels, they should be constructed at south or west. The warden, monitor or administrative staff should be made to occupy the southwestern portion of the hostel.

The hostel canteen should be kept at southeast. The dining hall can be adjacent at east.

The staircase of the hostel should be at south or west. The toilets should be at northwest.

The hostel rooms should be made in such a way so that the student can face east while studying and sleep with their heads to south or east. Cupboards or almirahs should be placed at south and west.

The eastern side of the hostel should get maximum early morning sunlight. The veranda/corridor or balcony at east will provide this.

No exposed beams should run through the rooms of students.


The possession of Laxmi Kaudi Conch is considered very good for wealth. It brings financial prosperity. It helps increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth. It blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity by drawing new avenues and sources of income and wealth. A cowrie, also known as kaudi or cowry is a marine mollusc which has a glossy, brightly patterned domed shell with a long, narrow opening. The cowrie was the shell most widely used worldwide as shell money. Yellow kaudi is also used during the pooja of Goddess Baglamukhi. Many spiritual and tantrik pooja processes are completed successfully with the aid of Yellow Cowrie. In Astrology, Yellow Kaudi is used to balance the planetary effect of Jupiter and the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu.

You can also wrap them in a yellow piece of cloth and put them at the place of worship on occasions like Dhanteras and Akshay Tritiya. A smooth flow of money in the family and great success becomes part of the family. The rigid structure of kaudi is more auspicious than the smooth ones. Many spiritual poojas are said to be incomplete without them. People suffering from losses must keep 21 pieces of Yellow Kaudiin the north-west part of their house. They help in accumulating savings and give control over unnecessary expenditures and provide its owner with new ideas and plans to earn money from different places.

PeeliKaudi or Yellow Kaudiis always used in odd numbers such as 1,3,5,7,9 or 11. Also, you must ensure that it has smooth edges and is not broken on the sides. Broken pieces might have negative effects. It can be used to bring balance between the planetary effects of Jupiter and the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu. It does not only provide balance but also helps in diminishes the problems and promotes the follow of wealth in life. They should be worshipped properly with great respect only then you will be able to attract wealth and prosperity. You can also keep them in your cash box on Friday to welcome good luck. Keeping yellow kauri in your house and workplace helps you to fetch the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. You can place yellow Lakshmi kaudiin a cash box or safe for financial luck.

The yellow kauri is excellent for worshipping GoddessMaha Kali and Lord Bhairav. They are also placed on altars. To ensure protection from spirits and black magic, you can wrap these kauris in a black cloth and keep them in your house. While they are also vastly used by people for decoration or as a fashion or social statement. Its proper use can enhance your wealth to new heights. Many people make sure that they have 11 pieces of yellow kauri in their houses and workplace at all times. It brings happiness, wealth, good luck, and prosperity to its owner and his or her family. They provide great help in receiving the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

A Tip : Carry 3 yellow cowrie shells in your wallet to attract wealth. But do not keep any items alongwith it which may upset Goddess Laxmi.

Q.1. I am a Chartered accountant. Is there any particular way of keeping the files in myoffice?

R.K. Mehta, via email.

Ans. The Vaastu rules for offices are same for everyone.It follows similar pattern like keeping raw materials at southwest or keeping marketable goods at northwest.You can maintain your files in your office as given below:

1) Accounts file - in southeast corner shelf.

2) Personal file - in southwest shelf of your cabin.

3) Purchase file - in southwest shelf made on south wall.

4) Sales file - in northwest shelf on wall.

5) Estate file - in southwest shelf made on southern wall.

6) Shares file - in northwest shelf on north wall for selling. And those shares for long term investment should be kept in southwest shelf on the southern wall.

7) Income tax file - in southwest corner shelf.

8) Sales tax and excise files - in southwest corner shelf.

9) Import and Export file - in northwest corner.

10) Stores file - Always in southwest corner

11) Cash purchase file - in southwest corner

12) Credit purchase file - in northwest corner

13) Staff and workers file - in northwest corner

14) Litigation file - in northwest corner as the Northwest rules litigations, etc.

16) Pending bill file (receivables) – It should be kept in the northwest shelf which will help in earlyrecovery or payment!


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