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‘Making Goodness a Lifestyle – Not a Paradox’

‘Making Goodness a Lifestyle – Not a Paradox’

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  27 March 2019 4:55 PM GMT

Let Finding a ‘M’ in Goodness be a mission!

With Michael Buble serenading “it’s a new world, it’s a new life, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good”, I can’t help feeling that I am too! It’s a feeling turned lifestyle for today, a Sunday, and I have had a good read this week to add to my collection this far. On the shelves for a while now, Richard Wrangham ‘s, “The Goodness Paradox’, a study of man’s virtue to violence, is more than a syndrome. In my mind, it’s a lifestyle reversed when love entered the human species troubled minds and vengeful hearts, to turn and whisper the sweet and wild feelings of undiluted affections that moaned the ‘Aah’s’ and the ‘Ooh’s’ of pleasure from two homo sapiens entwined in bliss.

Wrangham’s book is complex but as reviewed and said, “…. convincing perspective on how good and evil may have come to co-exist in our unique species – the strange relationship between virtue and violence”. My feeling here is a paradox to Wrangham’s study in that my relationship, while still a homo sapien as categorized, is with a love deep rooted in lust for love itself. My undying belief that it is what domesticates all wild beings to thinking that possessions of land and water, boundaries and skies is incomparable when it comes to possessing love. But whoever heard of that? Love cannot be possessed! You have got to let it free and see what stays and blah, blah …. Blah! And it becomes a paradox! Damn! It can so easily be what it’s not than what it really is. All in a breath, sometimes. Damn! So, I’m going to do away with the violence of ‘boxing’ and ‘doxing’ as this is the one thing that has given me paradise for every time I shared a monogamous relationship, for it was every time that I was monogamous in every relationship I’ve had! Go ahead, have yourself a good laugh, but I say it with aplomb, with trumpets and violins and join Michael Buble in saying ‘I’m feeling good’ for in every new relationship it’s a new world, a new life, a new day! The ‘Goodness’ factor is what did it for me!

Enter “Mr. Goodness”, gracious me! I was about to embark on the greatest task of my own evolution and reconstruct a vivid and comprehensive history of how goodness became a paradox for the longest part of my life and then it was not! I had let a perfect love go in exchange for an existing parallel undiluted affection of moans and groans of ‘Ooh’s “that overpowered my sense of rationale and then to not know the difference at that time! Phew!

From this moment, my music with Michael Buble versions changes to “Sway” and “Fever” ….in the morning, fever all through the night!.......and this fever started long ago…….and if I have your attention, let me take you on a path to burn! Wrangham’s paradox on how good and evil co-exist in our species now becomes one for me – the fulfilment of a heavenly peaceful ‘no paradox’ in love with Mr. Goodness gracious me! Nothing evil about it. Nothing!

Let’s call him ‘M’……it’s a letter that initiates the thunder in magnificent, magical, magnanimous, mesmerizing, monumental and with every ‘Ooh’ moaned, more meaningful! ‘M’ from long ago, ‘M’ from my medieval evolution days to my modern present, ‘M’ from here to eternity …….no paradoxes, no ambiguity, no second guesses to everything described of him except the distant humming of “it’s in the NOW and can never be ABSOLUTE”. So be it! For it is in the NOW that I live, that I can tell the world of how I feel with such abandon, I can, like the kind of impulse that leads one to help a stranger, lead me to believe that Goodness is not a paradox in ‘M’. Amen!

Of the ‘Two Possibilities’ often presented to man and woman alike, the paradox in ‘to be or not to be’, defines madness and a method, or at least the manner with which I reason. ‘M’ got me thinking. Is Goodness a choice to make or is it an inherent trait that requires expunging but is held back as self -defense? Do people think that being good rather being good to others and giving goodness as an everyday dose, will not cure the evil within? For the lack of it seen, I must say, there must be other possibilities that need to be explored because both the science in reasoning and the biological make up of ‘Self Care’ circles around ‘goodness’ as the key ingredient to purpose and action of Life. Does this sound right? To the Dalai Lama it does. I have had the opportunity to meet His Holiness twice and on both occasions, the takeaway has been the same – it is possible to be good and kind, ALWAYS!

Buddhists and all spiritualists believe that ‘Goodness’ is action both within and outward. That it is inherent consciousness and awareness practice that naturally allows goodness to permeate if the trinity of mind body and soul is in sync with each other to constantly be in the nucleus of awareness, and this can happen for all homo sapiens. It's not as if the planets in each of their galaxies are unleashing their awareness strategies or awakening their awareness agendas! This is for us people on our planet! This and can and must happen for us! We need to awaken the goodness within us. It takes time to transform, no doubt. Why don’t we take the time? Goodness too looks for space to manifest itself in ways that it can best be seen and felt but not without the human mind’s conscious propelling it forward to do so. It is the minds and hearts desire to create the force of goodness to act, to feel, to touch, to do, to manifest, to enlighten oneself and others to a single possibility, which I summarize here:

{Summary of the above paragraphs}:

Goodness is NOT one of two possibilities. It stands singular indeed and purpose. Goodness is NOT ‘secondary’ to our wellbeing. It is the foremost condition to happiness, which gets more defined from it's otherwise ‘vague status’.

Goodness does NOT have to be a paradox or balanced with evil to know the difference. It parlays sufficiently in action and thought to supersede all evil. Goodness is NOT elusive. It is an awareness of the natural self. It extends itself effortlessly in practice and with self-discipline.

I found Goodness in ‘M’. He adorns it as a lifestyle! And I’ve chosen to mirror his style. Goodness Gracious me! I feel Good…...!

Find your ‘M’ or whatever houses ‘Goodness’ that you can find, then Emulate. Imitate. Copy. Echo. It exists!

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