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Staple Food of Tripura : Food Habit

Staple Food of Tripura : Food Habit

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Oct 2018 12:25 PM GMT

India is a land of Unity in diversity. With the passing of every kilometer India and especially North East witnesses different cultures, traditions, foods and what now. Also, India is a place where you are treated with utmost love and a plate of a delicious meal no matter where ever you go. Starting from the royalty of Tunday Kebab in Lucknow to the spicy Biryani of Hyderabad!

One of the beautiful seven sister hills of north-east India and surrounded by Bangladesh is Tripura. The culture and unique food of the state speaks for itself. Here is all you need to know about the food culture and Tripura food you must try with before you die!

Mui Borok- The Traditional Cuisine of Tripura

Cuisines of Tripura

The traditional cuisine of the peaceful state is Mui Borok as it is tenderly called by its people. There you will always find one component in the traditional food plate of Tripura people that is Berma. Berma is a type of dried and fermented fish which is the State’s favourite. The dish is very healthy as it is cooked without using any oil. Berma definitely improves up the salty taste buds on your tongue as it a bit salty and spicy in taste.

The Food That Comes from its Neighbor-Bangladesh

Cuisines of Tripura

As mentioned earlier since the state is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides, therefore it is obvious that the state will have an influence of Bangladeshi style food and a Tripurian food culture is highly inspired by few cuisines from Bangladesh. The state comprises mostly of non-tribal Bengalis from north-east India. A maximum number of people in the state almost live on fish, rice, and vegetables. Also, meat remains a significant part of their diet that comes with mutton, pork, and chicken.

The touch of Chinese Culture in the Plate

Cuisines of Tripura

However, Tripurian food is not just inspired by Bengali food, they have an interest and derivations from Chinese food too. So don’t be surprised if they present you a Chinese cuisine that is prepared in the traditional Tripurian style. This plate of Chinese cuisine is full of spices which is an authentic Chinese food. Giving a new look to the Chinese cuisine, the food tastes better for the natives of the state only!

You can get Drunk with a Glass of real Chauk and Chuwarak of the State

Cuisines of Tripura

If you someone who loves beer lover you will definitely fall in love with the freshly prepared rice beer of Tripura, Chauk as what they like to call their traditional beer. The beer is prepared through fermentation rice in water. Chauk is a popular drink which is taken by the Tripurians on different occasions and festivals. The Chuwarak is the infamous scotch and champagne of the state. This is prepared in various styles using a variety of ingredients such as mami rice, pineapple, jackfruit etc. Chuwarak is considered one of the safest alcohol to drink in the world. The credit for the drink goes to the natural and healthy ways of its preparation

The lip-smacking Delicacies of the State

Well, this dish can be called as the best dish of the state! When we are talking about the tasty cuisines of Tripura, how cannot just wind up our list without mentioning about the plate of Tripurian food that is heavier on the non-vegetarian front with a number of meat dishes being presented in every part of the state? But, one should also remember that there are some delightful dishes for the vegetarians too!

Mosdeng Serma

Cuisines of Tripura

This is a spicy and flavorful chutney to accompany the other dishes on the plate. Mosdeng Serma is basically a tangy tomato chutney that is prepared with berma, red chili, and garlic in order to add a deep flavor to the dish.


As almost all the people out there is a lover of meat hence rice is an indispensable part of their die. They put on them every effort to bring about the perfect aroma of rice to their plates. Likewise, Bhangui is an important rice dish that is prepared with the sun-dried rice boiled with ghee, ginger, and onion. Firstly the dish is boiled in banana leaf to keep the nutrients of rice unharmed and also to bring about the unique fragrance to their dish.

Happy Eating!

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