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Sustainable Fashion, Revamp Your Wardrobe With Some Conscious Choices

‘Sustainable Fashion’ is a term increasingly used in today’s world and in the fashion scenario. A sustainable livelihood is the need of the hour now for unavoidable reasons.

Sustainable Fashion, Revamp Your Wardrobe With Some Conscious Choices

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  3 May 2021 3:56 PM GMT

Fashion is a lot more than just a nicely tailored garment and fabrics. In recent times, people have become more aware of the environment they live in and have switched to using eco-friendly products, from using metal straws to reducing the usage of plastic people have made changes in the lifestyles. Sustainable Fashion addresses the whole dynamic of fashion and it is an effort to consume products by minimizing the effect on the environment and ensuring social justice to the ones producing the garments. Our garment industry produces 4-10% of global greenhouse gases every year. To our utter surprise, the Fashion Industry alone is the second-largest polluter on the earth.

This is the age of Fast Fashion and this already poses a major threat in adapting Sustainable Fashion and clothing. New styles come in every week and sell out even faster. But slowly and steadily people have understood the need and gravity of wearing eco-friendly clothes. Sustainable Fashion is not just about wearing environment-friendly garments but is to understand the entire process and seeing how other things are interlinked with it just like the threads of the garment. The concept of Fast Fashion pushes millions of people working in the global garment industry to work in unethical conditions. Human Rights violations happen across the supply chain and most workers are unpaid. They have mostly been deprived of safe working conditions and child labour is still very much a part of the manufacturing units.

As a conscious being if you want your wardrobe to have a sustainable touch then here are a few conscious choices you can make. The change of lifestyles doesn't happen overnight but gradually one can make some necessary changes. These are just baby steps one can take towards a more sustainable living and in accepting sustainable fashion in our lives:

Buy less:

Like we always say less is more, and it surely is the key step towards practicing Conscious Fashion. One conscious good purchase should suffice all the unnecessary shopping we indulge in. And a way to control the temptations is to ask oneself 3 questions before purchasing, what and why are you buying, will you wear the garment at least 30 times, and why do need it?

Shop in Thrift stores:

There has been the emergence of a new trend of thrift shopping or buying second-hand clothes. Many youngsters have come up with online thrift stores across the globe keeping in view the agendas of the sustainable fashion matrix.

Avoid Polyester:

Polyester itself makes 55 percent of clothes globally and they are derived from fossil fuels and it takes years to break down. It best to avoid any synthetic fabrics.

Vegan Fashion:

Animal-derived products should be avoided at any cost for environmental and ethical reasons altogether. One needs to keep an eye out for the Vegan alternatives which have entered the market as well.

Proper care:

To extend the life shell of clothes one needs to take adequate care of their garments to lessen the environmental footprint of the garments. Ensuring the clothes last longer has become more of an environmental need than a personal need right now.

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