Teacher removes the darkness of ignorance

While growing up, our parents and teachers are the first ones to impact our lives significantly.
Teacher removes the darkness of ignorance

Bhagyashree Das


While growing up, our parents and teachers are the first ones to impact our lives significantly. Teachers are a precious gift from god to mankind. Teaching is not just a profession but a selfless deed for the betterment of society. They are creators of a nation. Teachers do not merely focus on Academic careers rather they focus on the overall development of a student and prioritize it. A teacher shares academic knowledge, and ethical values, and assimilates moral values that help us shape our personality as better human beings.

In today's world, it seems the focus has shifted from the importance of teachers to the importance of the internet. Most of our queries and questions we have regarding anything, we prefer searching it over asking our teachers. We tend to forget that we may get answers to our questions but not more than that. After all, it is a search engine that we are asking our questions and not an educated, devoted, dedicated teacher who spends his life giving all that he earns, learns and gathers. In simple words, we can say that teaching is the only selfless profession that we have. Teachers not only answer our questions but try to give different aspects, try to motivate students by inspiring them to face difficulties and problems, and try to give whatever knowledge they have. A teacher wholeheartedly shares and gives everything he or she has learned throughout their life. He doesn't hesitate to learn more just to stay updated in case their students might need new information. While teaching was already a difficult, complex profession, COVID-19 has pushed aside some of the heartwarming, relational positives of teaching and replaced them with stress, increased demands, and worry about students' safety. In Covid times, countless examples were there, where many of the teachers had difficulty in conducting online classes because not every teacher was well aware of new technology or had less knowledge about using smartphones. Even though there were hurdles and difficulties, they tried and did their best to continue teaching just for their students, for the sake of their academic career, for their better future and so that in their difficult times some amount of positivity can be provided through education. In the past two years, we all have seen ups and downs in our lives, but one section of our society didn't stop. They are frontline workers, media persons and teachers. While some stepped outside to continue their work, teachers continued their work through online mode so that students do not have to waste one precious year of their life. Even after having difficulty, and being made fun of because of their lack of knowledge in technology, they tried their best to deliver goods. As it is said, the formative years of a child determine the kind of person he or she would grow up to be, and this is mostly in the hands of their teachers.

Contrary to all this is the present day, an age in which teachers are disrespected and disregarded for the kind of hard work they put into educating and empowering students, a day like this is absolutely necessary. It is disheartening to see teachers being mistreated for various reasons, sometimes for no fault of theirs. In such an environment, Teachers' Day can be a day for teachers to think about the role and responsibilities they fulfilled as teachers. Students, should respect their teachers and understand the importance of having teachers who really care for them after their parents and family. Rightly said by Dr Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan 'Teachers should be the best minds in the country as they deal with students who are 'active creators of knowledge every day'.

Happy Teachers' Day to all the wonderful teachers out there!

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