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The Eve Writers of Assam

Not only did the body of work that the early Assamese women authors produce add to the canon of Assamese literature, but they also paved the way for later generations of Assamese women writers by establishing a path for them.

The Eve Writers of Assam

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  16 Jan 2023 6:34 AM GMT

Some well-known women writers of Assam are:


Her work as a journalist and an author has made her well known in the state of Assam, which she calls home. Her birthday is in 1964.

Her contributions to Assamese literature, which include works of fiction as well as essays, have been quite noteworthy. Her writings fall into the categories of both essays and fiction. Hriday Ek Bigyapan is the name of the author's very first piece of published fiction.

Some of her famous book include: Ejon Eshworor Sondhanot, Kanchan, Sahebpurar Boroxun and Mereng


She is an Assamese poet, novelist and Sahitya Akademi Award winner. Her fiction mirrors life and society. It is sometimes contemporary and otherwise historical. Her novels have a feminist undercurrent and her novels are mostly research based.

Some of her s novels are Tirthabhumi, Maha Jibanar Adharshila, Nayana Tarali Suata and her runaway hit Makam

She won Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel Deo Langhui.


Author, Jahnvi Barua, hails from the Indian state of Assam. She is the author of the collection of short stories titled Next Door, which is set in Assam and has insurgency as the backdrop. This collection has received acclaim from the literary community.

Some of her other books include Rebirth and Undertow


Dr Deka Hazarika writes diversely. She is a novelist, poet, children's writer and literary critic. Her passion for poetry and writing grew after she published in children's sections of newspapers and magazines like Asom Bani, Dainik Asom, Asom Batori, Deepak and others.

Her poems mix subtle self-reflection with social critique, beautiful early love and separation. Her poetry features short, emotive stanzas.

Her Suli Nebandhiba Jagyasini successfully tackled several social issues.

Sita, Raj Pothote Draupadi, and Jwalamukhi are some of her feminist poems.

She pioneered Assamese travel literature. Her five travelogues to the Americas, China, the Maldives, and Greece perfected Assamese travel writing.

Deka Hazarika enjoys writing for kids. She writes poems and stories for kids and teens. Her simple language, wit, and descriptions of kids' ordinary lives set her apart from other children's authors.

Her Assamese translation of Karmeline has been well received.


She is regarded as a pioneer of feminist movement in Assam. She is a prolific writer and a poet.

Some of her books include Pitribhitha, Sipahi Bidrohat, Dillir Sinhasan


She was well-known in the Assamese literary community for her work as an author, poet, storyteller, actress, and dramatist. Her stories were often told at storytelling festivals. Her tales were frequently shared at events dedicated to the art of storytelling. She has published over thirty books and edited works written in the Assamese language. The reviews of all of her books were positive when they were first published in their respective languages.

Her short stories promoted fraternity and religious tolerance. Some of her short story books include Elandhu and Ebigha Mati

A popular children's magazine named Phul was also edited by her.

The literary canon of the state of Assam has been significantly impacted by the work of these Assamese female authors. They served as a source of inspiration for a huge number of women, many of whom have since started writing novels and memoirs of their own.

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