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Things Only Brothers and Sisters Can Relate To

The kind of relationship that you share with your sibling is impossible to put in words. You go from being friends to worst enemies in minutes.

Brothers and Sisters

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The kind of relationship that you share with your sibling is impossible to put in words. You go from being friends to worst enemies in minutes. And before you can even process why you two just fought, you are back to being friends again. They teach you invaluable lessons of love, friendship, care, humour, and enmity through the journey of life. There are certain things only brothers and sisters get about each other, and they add so much joy to their lives.

Endless fights for remote

You like sports while your sibling is a big fan of Bollywood movies. And that's how begins the never-ending fight for remote that can be annoying yet sweet at times

Stealing chocolates

No matter how much you try to hide your chocolates and candies from your siblings, they somehow manage to find them and eat them immediately. They are also smart enough not to leave behind any proof, but deep down, you know it's them and nobody else.

Blackmailing each other

All the pinky promises about "don't tell Mom or Dad" eventually turn into blackmail. Remember the time when your sister signed your report card, or you hid the fact from your mother that your brother is dating someone? Yes, all these favours turn into doses of blackmail.

Long list of inside jokes

Siblings have inside jokes and references that make no sense to others. These jokes often come to rescue when they have to deal with annoying neighbors and relatives.

Hiding stuff from parents

Sometimes siblings also act nice to each other. Remember the time when you lost your job, and your brother never told about it to your parents? Or when you came home late at night, and your sister allowed you to sneak in without telling your parents about it the next morning.

Saving for rakhi gift

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional Indian festival that siblings celebrate with great fun and enthusiasm. Brothers save pocket money for months so they can surprise their sisters with a lovely gift. It is a sweet gesture that siblings would truly relate.

Pushing each other's buttons

Our siblings know us so well that they are aware of certain words or specific situations that would annoy us. From time to time, they keep poking each other like no one else. Sometimes to take revenge and other times just for the fun of it.

Sticking up for each other

But when things get tough, siblings always look out for each other. They become a team and deal together with whatever problems come in their way.

Giving relationship advice

Whether it is about helping you choose the right life partner or dealing with a breakup, your siblings are the ones who always give the best relationship advice.

The elder sibling gets the best

True or not, but it is the everlasting complaint of a younger sibling that the elder sibling always gets the best of everything. Be it clothes, mobile phone, room, car, or parent's love.

All these memories surface every year during Raksha Bandhan. No matter how old you get, these sweet-bitter moments always highlight your sibling relationship. Add a twist to Raksha Bandhan celebration with online rakhi delivery along with fabulous gifts. It is a great way to show your heartfelt love for your sibling and make the occasion memorable for them.

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