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Top 4 Yoga poses for women and its health benefits

Top 4 Yoga poses for women and its health benefits

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  20 Jun 2019 1:09 PM GMT

Yoga has particular benefits for women right from dealing with the menstrual issues, obesity, and improvement in body flexibility, strength and posture. Regular practice of yoga will result in toning the body muscles, increasing energy, reducing stress, help in breathing better and lead a happier and mindful life.

Some of the top-rated yoga postures and asanas that are regarded as the most beneficial for women are:

  1. Tree Pose


In this particular yoga practice, the body is kept in a balancing position resting on one leg. The sole of the other leg is placed at the thigh of the standing leg. This yoga pose helps in building concentration power as the more one concentrates on balance, the longer the pose will be continued. Further, this pose helps in increasing oxygen flow in the body, adds flexibility to the spine and opens up the chest.

  1. Goddess Pose


In Goddess pose, the body is balanced while stretching both the legs wide open. One can rest the legs on the tip of the toes or can out the soles of the legs flat on the ground. This yoga pose helps in relieving one from constipation, stomach cramps, menstruation pain. This pose is considered particularly helpful for healing the regular problems faced by women.

Regular practice of this pose helps in promoting a healthy gut and a healthy flow for the pressure it creates on the intestines. It is particularly useful for relieving backache.

  1. Warrior Pose


The Warrior pose has special benefits for a busy woman who needs to roam around on her toes be it in her office, outside her home or inside her home. This pose helps in building a strong lower body by stretching the hip and the inner and outer thighs.

The warrior pose is created by stretching one leg ahead while keeping the knee bent and stretching the other leg towards back with knee straight. Both the hands are raised upward with the palms stuck and facing each other.

  1. Cobra Pose


Working women or the ones who suffer from back pain issues can find particular benefits from the regular practice of this yoga form. Right from strengthening the lower back muscles to opening the blockage of the heart chakra, this yoga pose is good for present and future backache.

The cobra pose is created by lying straight on the ground with stomach resting on the ground and then slowly stretching the body up by putting the entire body pressure on the palms. The pose needs to be held for a few seconds and then needs to come back to the former relaxing position.

Almost every yoga asana has its particular benefit for the human body and it depends on the place and time as to which yoga asana suits the place and person the best.

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