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Try these mindfulness activities to ease stress and relax at home

Mindfulness activities have gained popularity in recent times for their benefits. Mindfulness activities have proven benefits of helping people to cope with day-to-day stress and in regulating emotions, and have clarity of thought.

Try these mindfulness activities to ease stress and relax at home

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The nation is grappling with the Coronavirus outbreak and with this, the number of days in confinement is becoming weeks. And this can be strenuous for not just children but also adults as well. The Mindfulness technique is suggested by experts and mental health professionals for people to improve mental health and deal better with things happening around us.

Mindfulness activities have so many benefits that we might be unaware of. Mindfulness is as simple as being at the present but yet we tend to struggle with it. In the roller-coaster ride of life, people are well acquainted with escapism and this makes it difficult to get in touch with the present. Mindfulness is known to help people clear thoughts, manage emotions, soothe anxiety, and more.

For children too, mindfulness helps them focus on the present from drifting thoughts, and children of all ages can benefit from practicing Mindfulness. One can make the mindfulness activity a little more fun for the kids to get hooked on. Children who practice this skill have been seen to benefit massively and cope better in life.

Incorporating this habit is not so difficult, one just needs a gentle push for the routine task and it shall become a part of one's life.

Here are some Mindfulness activities and tips by experts, one can try at home and with their kids:

Mindful Walking:

Walking is a form of mediation. One can practice this anywhere and the person just needs to walk in a straight line or circles. This activity can also be done with kids and is quite simple. This is also called walking meditation. And one can also include their children in this simple activity and can keep changing the venue of it.

Avoid Multi-Tasking:

This is the very opposite of what most of us do 'Multi-Tasking'. Many people are used to or bound to handle many things at a time but freeing up the metal space is important. Experts say that while focusing on one work one should stop jumping from that to other tasks. We also tend to mindlessly scroll our phones, which also clutters our minds with all sorts of information. Focusing on the work and showing up wholly for one task at a time would give a sense of satisfaction.


Gardening is another mindful activity everyone can try as we are all inside our premises. This a great way of staying connected to nature and as we all know, 'nature heals'. It can be a simple task of sowing the seeds, or watering the plants or, picking out the dry flowers ad leaves. While doing the various activities people should focus on the sensations of the body more than the mind.

Let your children help you in the task as well, and set reward points for completing any task and treat them. This will keep them interested in doing such activities. Ask them how one feels when they touch the soil, the water, the petals which indirectly put the focus on their sensations.

Deep Breathing and Dragon Breathing:

While deep breathing can be practiced by adults dragon breathing can be taught to children. Mindfulness breathing is a very basic activity and a person just needs to focus on their breathing. There are different types of breathing techniques and one can try them accordingly.

This technique can be used with kids to get their focuses on breathing. Parents can name this a Dragon training game, ask the kids to breathe in and breathe out fire and let the imagination flow. This fun technique may get children interested in practicing deep breathing by imagining themselves as a Dragon.

Mindful Seeing:

This is a very relaxing exercise and just needs to sit in a spot and focus on its surroundings. It can be any view and not necessarily a scenic view. Experts ask people to focus on the texture of the things than the objects themselves. Notice and observe movements of trees and leaves, colors and patterns, and when the mind drifts one should also shift the focus to a new subject with different color, texture, or shape.

Mindful Eating:

Most often than not we tend to shove food inside our mouths and try to finish as soon as possible. And many parents do this with their kids too. While practicing mindful eating one needs to sit and eat slowly and pay attention to the food.

Children can be taught this technique too by asking them to describe the food. Teach them to chew food slowly and parents should keep asking them the taste, to make guesses of what's in the food and about the colors in the food and more to get their focus on it.

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