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Try These Rich Eid Special Food, Sweet Dishes This Year at Home

Eid is around the corner and a lavish spread is quintessential to Eid celebrations across the globe. From a variety of meaty dishes to sweet and chilled desserts the Muslim households cook a feast.

Try These Rich Eid Special Food, Sweet Dishes This Year at Home

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Eid Special Delicacies: Eid al-Fitr Celebrations has been confined to the premises of our house since last year. The pandemic has pushed people to celebrate everything within their boundaries but that doesn't stop the festivities around Eid. It is celebrated on the day of the first sighting of the crescent moon in the sky and it marks the end of the holy Ramadan month. Aromatic and rich delicacies are cooked and prayers are been offered.

The Eid special food is a staple to every Eid celebration and families and friends bond over food in the three-day Eid celebration. From tasty starters to meaty main course, Eid sweet and chilled Eid special desserts, the people lay a feast during this time.

Eid Special Food, Sweet Dishes

Let not the gloom and doom of COVID spoil the holy and festive spirit of Eid. Here we share some famous Eid special delicacies to try at home this year:

Juicy Mutton Korma:

The juicy and spicy Mutton Korma is a delicacy especially cooked during Eid. The meat is tenderly cooked with yogurt, cashew paste, and aromatic spices which give a strong flavor to the curry. This goes best with Pulao, naan, and even steamed rice.

The Classic Biryani:

Biryani is one of the most popular and classic dishes cooked during Eid and is also most of our favorite. The fragranced rice is highly flavourful and is cooked with aromatic ingredients. The most commonly cooked item is the Chicken Biryani. However, it can also be cooked with a variety of meat. One can serve this with raita.
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The Sweet Phirni:

Phirni is made by thickening the milk with grounded rice, sugar and is garnished with lots of nuts and fruits, and saffron. This is usually taken as dessert and is best served chilled. This dessert is perfect for summers and is irresistible! Also read: Want to Beat COVID? These DIY Homemade Food Items Might Help Boost Immunity

The Shahi Tukda:

This is a Mughal-style pudding, a sweet treat. And a good shahi tukda is so soft that it melts in the mouth. It is a kind of bread pudding and is made with condensed milk with a slight hint of cardamom. It can be garnished with nuts, cashews, raisins, or fruits. Also Read: Diet for COVID Patients: What to Eat & What to Avoid When Down or Recovering from Coronavirus

The Smokey Seekh Kebab:

The succulent kebabs are smoky in flavor and are made by dicing the meat into what we call 'keema'. It is very easy to cook and be served with different types of chutney or dips and can be served hot as starters. This delicacy is enjoyed by everyone and is popular worldwide. Also Read: Spinach and Beetroot Soup will Strengthen your Immunity, Increase Oxygen Levels: Expert Explain How

Flavourful Kashmiri Pulao:

Pulao is easy to cook and is fuss-free unlike Biryani and one can try this at home. The rice is blended well with ghee, dry fruits, rose petals, and lots of aromatic spices. Pulao can be cooked in a variety of ways and the dish goes well with any meat item cooked during Eid. Also Read: Are You Consuming Healthy Raw Honey? Difference Between Raw Honey vs Processed Honey

The Staple Seviya:

This dish is cooked on special occasions and makes for a delicious dessert. It is made with vermicelli, milk, rose water, sugar and the vermicelli is boiled in the milk to the perfect consistency. It is then garnished with nuts, dates, raisins, cherries at the end.
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