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Trying to Conceive? This is When you Should take an Ovulation Test

Are you trying to conceive? Read this article to know about when and how to conduct an ovulation test.

When to take an Ovulation test?

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If you are expecting a baby and wondering what the correct time to have sex is, then you could conduct an ovulating examination that will help you to know the time when you're fertile. Ovulation occurs during the menstrual cycle.

What is the correct time to have an ovulation test?

The correct time to have the test is a few days before you think you are ovulating. You have your fertile days when the ovaries release eggs before and after one to two days of the month. The survival period of sperm inside the body is five days. Hence, having sex five days prior to ovulation and one day after ovulation might occur conception.

If you are having a regular menstrual cycle then predicting ovulation becomes easier. Suppose, within the 28-day cycle, you'll have ovulation on or near today fourteen, so testing on day ten or eleven can give your better prediction.

On the other hand, for one who is having a short cycle, then it can be anticipated that ovulation will take place within four days in the middle of your cycle. So in that case, you could conduct an examination four to six days before your cycle's midpoint.

What time of the day can you test?

There is no specific time of the day to have an ovulation test. It's up to you whether you want to examine the urine in the morning hours while in the afternoon or evening hours. But always keep in mind that you must have the test at a similar time each day.

Always remember that too much drinking fluids can dilute the luteinizing hormone (LH) level in the urine and an ovulation exam won't give the correct result so just avoid drinking liquid around two hours before having the test.

For irregular menstrual cycle:

Although the results are more accurate for those who have a regular cycle it can also work for those with irregular menstrual cycles if tested frequently.

Women with irregular cycles must have to examine a few days after menstruation and following once every week.

How to test it?

Ovulation test kits are used for the detection of luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the urine which helps in giving signals for ovulation. However, some kits aren't a hundred percent reliable but have a 99% accuracy rate which depends on the cycle.

Way to use it:

You can either urinate on the test stick or can use a cup for urination and dip the stick into it. You'll get results within five minutes. You could see there are two lines on the stick. One is the control line and the other is the test line. If you're having a lower LH level then the line will become lighter while if you're having a higher LH level then the line will become darker which means that this would be the correct time to conceive.

Below are some best ovulation test kit that you could buy:

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