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How to Apply Hair Conditioner?

Conditioning is necessary to moisturize and prevent hair from damaging. Read this article to know the benefits of hair conditioner and ways to use it.

Ways to Apply Hair Conditioner

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  |  18 Jan 2021 8:13 AM GMT

After washing the hair thoroughly with shampoo, the conditioner is applied. Shampoo works in cleaning the dead skin cells, dirt, and sweat while the conditioner is used to soften the hair quality and makes it easy to manage. It also prevents from damaging the hair shafts.

Most of the shampoos are made with chemicals that can act harshly on the hair follicles so just applying shampoo is not enough since it can make your hair dull, rough, and difficult to styling.

Why Hair Conditioning matter?

Conditioning is mandatory as it comprises fatty alcohols, oils and humectants that help to soften the hair and makes it more flexible while certain conditioners comprise protein that helps in temporarily binding the split ends and contains certain thickening substance that makes the hair looks fuller.

However, it is very significant to choose the correct conditioner, depending on the hair quality and the type of skin. The formulation into it varies from the other and might show various side effects, hence, one needs to be careful while choosing hair products.

How to apply conditioner?

Below-mentioned is the ways to apply conditioner. Read the points:

1. First of all, you must wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

2. After that, just wash off your hair throughout so that no shampoo left on it.

3. Now read carefully on the conditioner bottle for how much quantity is needed to apply.

4. Now, with that specific quantity massage it evenly all over your hair but not the scalp.

5. Run down your fingers through the hair to gently untangling the hair

6. Then let it free for around one minute

7. Then wash off

How to choose the right hair conditioner?

While opting for a conditioner, you need to consider the hair type and hairstyling techniques. One to frequently blow-dry and do hair colour then, extra conditioner is required.

Colour-treated hair:

Your hair will go through the excessive tear and wear if it is coloured or bleached. Always opt for hair products specialized for colour-treated hair. Take recommendations and suggestions from the salon if you wish.

Textured hair:

There exists a certain hair type with a thicker shaft. In that case, they need better protection and care so go from conditioner with a much stronger formulation made for hair with a thicker shaft.

Curly hair:

One with curly hair is more likely to get frizzy and dry so it is necessary to evenly spread the conditioner all over the head. You could use a wide comb while applying the conditioner.

Cautions: It is obvious that while conditioning or shampooing your hair you need to take care of your eyes and nose because if it gets in then it will trigger a kind of discomfort and burning sensation.

Those who have acne-prone skin should not let the conditioner touch their skin otherwise it might cause irritation.

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