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Ways to workout with resistance band

Resistance bands are more effective than other expansive workout gadgets.

Ways to workout with resistance band

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  28 Nov 2020 7:32 AM GMT

What are Resistance band and its use?

Resistance bands are an elastic band which is used for a strength workout. They are very effective to build up your muscles and. It is an effective band to have an intense workout at home. The advantages to use this band are that they are portable, affordable, and useful.

This band is very useful in keeping your body fit and toned. Some of the benefits of using resistance bands are as follows:

• Tone and strengthen: the exercise becomes more intense when you stretch the band more widely.

• Assist not just resist: With intense exercise, the band provides assistance on your progress.

• Better in stretching: These resistance bands are effective for various pains in the body.

• It is portable and lightweight: This band is extremely lightweight and can easily fit in your travel bag.

• Suits everyone: People of every age can use this band for any kind of exercise.

• It is great for recovery of any injury: You can also use this band in any muscle-related injury.

• Affordable: it is not expansive and affordable for everyone.

There are various types of resistance bands dedicated to several exercises.

1. Biceps curl:

Instruction: Stand on top of the band and hold the band with two hands. Extend your arms and palm faced forward.

2. Bent-over Row

Instruction: Keep your two feet on the band and Grab it with two hands. Make sure your palm should be faced towards each other. Knees should be bending, arms straight and hands should be under the shoulder. Now bend the elbow close to your chest.

3. Ankle jump

Instruction: The band should be around the ankles. Bend in half-squat position and hand should be at chest. Jump feet out and in.

4. Banded walk

Instruction: the band should be around your ankles. The feet and hip should be wide apart. Bend half your knees and walk forward.

5. Prone leg curl

Instruction: Lie in your belly down and tie the band around the ankle supporting the other end to anything. Bend your legs to your knees. Straight your legs and repeat.

6. Glute Bridge

Instructions: Tie the band around your knees and bend knees to 90 degrees. Rise up your hips and line up your knees, hip, and shoulder.

7. Clamshell

Instructions: Tie the band around the legs which should be a little above the knees. Lie on one side; now pull your knees apart from the other. Repeat it.

8. Seated Abduction

Instruction: Sit on a chair. Tie the bend above the knees. Put your feet wide apart and now press your knees out with your feet in.

9. Push up

Instruction: Place the band across your arms and hold both ends with your palm. Do push up.

10. Chest press

Instructions: Stand with feet wide apart. Bend your knees keeping back straight. Hold each end with both hands and push the arms forward. Then pull the elbows backward. Repeat.

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