Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve

Niyogi Books takes pride in presenting a comprehensive guidebook on Corbett Tiger Reserve titled Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve by Rajesh Chaudhary and Vinesh Kumar.
Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve

 A Photographic Guidebook

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Niyogi Books takes pride in presenting a comprehensive guidebook on Corbett Tiger Reserve titled Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve by Rajesh Chaudhary and Vinesh Kumar. Packed with information and more than 1,500 images about the flora and fauna, landscapes, and maps of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), the volume is a handy reference to everything you want to know in and around CTR.

Corbett Tiger Reserve is one of the premier wildlife places in India to see the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asian Elephant, and it has many other lesser-known treasures of life too. This guidebook comprehensively portrays Corbett Tiger Reserve as a wildlife repository, a visual treat of the natural ecosystem, and a memorable ecotourism destination. It has been conceived to entice nature enthusiasts with the urge to understand nature and the ecosystem in a holistic manner. This photographic guidebook, through more than 1,500 high-quality pictures, helps readers identify about 700 species of animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and others) and plants found in Corbett Tiger Reserve and its neighbouring forests. It also provides a glimpse into the secret lives of animals and plants, assimilated from the latest scientific publications, curated, and presented as easy-to-understand text. The route maps and pictorial details of each ecotourism zone provide a virtual tour of Corbett Tiger Reserve and will help readers plan their trips with ease. This guidebook is also helpful for exploring wildlife in nearby parts of the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand with similar geo-climatic conditions. Discover the wonders of nature and build an awareness of conservation with this user-friendly guide to Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Speaking about the creation of the book, the authors said: “We started exploring Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) in 2015 and soon realized that this forest is full of diverse flora and fauna—apart from the tiger! Hence, we took a conscious decision to create a holistic portrayal of the biodiversity of CTR. We documented flora and fauna in and around CTR for about 5–6 years and received input from local naturalists, guides, forest officials, and other stakeholders, as well as images from photographers and visitors to CTR. This book is a useful resource for tourists, naturalists, guides, and forest personnel who wish to explore all the natural wonders of CTR. We also hope to create awareness for the conservation of nature in a holistic manner.”

Commenting on the publication of the book, COO and Director of Niyogi Books, Trisha De Niyogi, said, “Getting away from the urban jungle to green spaces with fresh air and abundant plant and animal life is a great stress-buster in today’s times. Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve is a handy guidebook for those keen to visit Corbett, or for armchair travellers and nature lovers interested in reading about this unique ecosystem and its amazing flora and fauna. Packed with information about what to see in Corbett, how to identify what you see, and where to travel, this useful book also conveys the important message of conserving our precious national parks and wildlife reserves.'

Rajesh Chaudhary is a passionate nature lover and keen observer with a PhD in biological science. He is presently working as an associate professor, teaching biomedical science at Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi. He has been observing, photographing, and documenting nature as a hobby for more than 20 years. He has published several articles, chapters, notes, etc. He believes that curiosity, passion, awareness, and interest in the natural world can transform one into a guardian of nature.

Vinesh Kumar is a nature enthusiast and a burgeoning nature photographer who adores nature for both its living and nonliving marvels. He has a zeal for the conservation of natural resources. Since childhood, he has had an inclination for exploring the wonders of Mother Nature. He takes pleasure in showcasing the allure of nature through his art of photography.

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