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World Youth Day Musings: Why Today's Youth Should Pay More Attention To Their Mental Health

World Youth Day Musings: Why Todays Youth Should Pay More Attention To Their Mental Health

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  12 Jan 2019 9:19 AM GMT

The World celebrates Youth Day on 12 January every year to celebrate the ability, energy and talents of the longer term of the world--the youth of these days. The youth looks to be a lot of responsive to their rights and duties as voters of their respective countries and therefore the world as an entire, capable, a lot of bold, and a lot of drive to make a change and leave a mark. However, the youth of the world conjointly struggles with some issues that generations before them did not have to. There are perils of social media, mental state problems, career issues, and the, therefore, the problems within the personal lives of individuals have also accrued exponentially.

Mental health is one in all the foremost talked concerning problems within the world these days, and social media is to convey for that. The taboo around the topic is decreasing and other people are taking off and telling their stories that make them feel empowered and conjointly provides others with the spirit to talk up. What catches people's attention is that perhaps there's such a lot talk about it because of the magnitude of the problem has increased with the kind of lifestyle that people follow.

Individuals with mental health problems, society, and therefore the healthcare system ought to pay a lot of attention to mental health problems. According to a report published by the media, only one-third of the children and young people with mental health issues receive treatment because medical professionals think that others are not “ill enough” or there is a long wait they have to sit through to be heard.

The youth has to listen to not simply the cure of the matter, however conjointly on the interference of it. If they fight, they will avoid mental state issues to a large extent and if not avoid fully, will decrease the extent of it and save themselves the difficulty of surfing it.

Meditation may be a good way to train your mind and save your body and mind from suffering a psychological state. Scientifically proven to assist with the problem like depression, meditation can also assist you to perform better professionally and conjointly cause you to calmer and higher in your personal life. Meditation can both be a preventive measure and a cure for mental illnesses and can calm anxiety, stress, and reduce Cortisol, the stress hormone.

A healthy lifestyle of exercise and a good diet can also play an important role. Exercise releases the hormones in our body that makes us feel happier. Some people find exercise addictive because of the same reason. It pumps your body with energy, makes you stronger physically and mentally, and gives you the relaxation you are desperately looking for when you are young and always on the go. It gives you time for yourself and a break from everything else. If you eat junk, your digestion and all other systems will react to it, whether you like it or not, and your mind will be one of them. A healthy mind needs to be fed with healthy food for thought, and for the stomach.

The youth may need direction, guidance and a lot of other things, but one thing it definitely needs is better healthcare facilities, a more constructive environment towards mental health issues, and a society that accepts them for who they are, even if they do not fit the notions of perfection they are expected to follow.

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