Five Government Health Insurance Plans Any Indian Can Apply For

Five Government Health Insurance Plans Any Indian Can Apply For

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India

According to a report presented by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence in the supervision of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the year 2015-16, only 27% of Indian population possesses any kind of health insurance (which includes public and private both the sectors). This means approximately 100 crore people in India do not have a health cover against any catastrophic health issue.

This data for sure shows the poor condition of the healthcare sector in India. However, in one of the populous nations, where 67% population is poor and starves for basic necessities, it is unfair to expect people to invest in health insurance. To keep this in mind, the government of India time to time launches different health insurance schemes. These national health insurance schemes are affordable and provide moderate cover against medical emergencies.

Many people, who belong to middle-income group, go for government as well as private health insurance policies. For better assistance and hassle-free purchase of such schemes, there are many web aggregators, where one can compare, buy and renew health insurance online.

Below mentioned are five Indian Government health insurance plans that anyone can apply:

For better health care and safeguard oneself against any financial crisis during a medical emergency, any Indian national can apply for any of these public plans. Moreover, one can renew these plans as well. Additionally, in 27% population who has health insurance policies are those who as well own private health insurance plans and they can buy or renew health insurance on policybazaar.

Final Words: Even though these initiatives of Indian Government are there since long, but lack of knowledge about them among the underprivileged population is one of the biggest hindrances in their success. Therefore, before launching more and more schemes, the Government should now spread awareness about the existing health insurance plans among common people of India.

Advertisement on TV and radio, banners, and holdings in rural areas can help to aware people about such healthcare plans. Awareness is the only way to make these health insurance plans successful and make India a progressive nation in all the aspects.

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