Journey of a leader comes to an end: Letters to the Editor

If you are born in this beautiful earth, you will die one day. You may be a plant, an animal or a human being.
Journey of a leader comes to an end: Letters to the Editor

Journey of a leader comes to an end

If you are born in this beautiful earth, you will die one day. You may be a plant, an animal or a human being. Nobody can go against the will of God. This life-cycle may be shorter or longer, it varies person to person. But our recognition depends upon our great work, dedication, sincerity and great sacrifice.

Today, we are remembering the veteran leader and former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi, who started his career as an advocate in 1963 and then forwarded his career in the field of politics from State to national level. He not only occupied his position or penetrate in State politics but also highly active in national politics too. The man who gave utmost priority for the development of State and people of Assam, giving equal importance in all sections of the society without differentiating sex, cast and religion is a shining example of his greatness and feeling of dearness among us.

It is true that his biological living body is not with us but his great work, dedication and sacrifice will always be remembered by the people of Assam.

Indrajit Sarma,


Violence against journalists

The incidents of violence against journalists have been growing much in Assam, nay the whole country.

It is a serious matter. As such, the Editors' Guild of India (EGI) has sought Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal's intervention. The recent incident of Parag Bhuyan of Kakapathar in Tinsukia district is very pathetic and unfortunate. It has been reported that he was murdered and was receiving threats for exposing corruption and illegal activities of the criminal nexus in Kakapathar.

It is reported from the source of Guild that 32 journalists have been killed in Assam since 1991. I would, therefore, like to request Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to look into the matter. The criminals and perpetrators should be arrested immediately and tried in the fast-track court so that exemplary punishment may be given to them.

Putul Sarma,

Biswanath Chariali

China's plan

China is indeed being hegemonistic, encouraging small states like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Pakistan to drive a wedge in their relations with India. Well today's India is not like what China thinks, but still we have to be prepared to defeat the dragon. The call for self-reliance will be achieved only if India is able to make distinct its strategic planning or interests.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


PM raising voice for simultaneous elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the 80th all India Presiding Officers' Conference on 26.11.2020 in Kevadia (Gujarat) once again and rightly too raised his voice for common voter list and simultaneous elections for Lok Sabha, State-assemblies, and local bodies.

But biggest obstacle in holding simultaneous elections for Lok Sabha and State Assemblies is unstable governments. Hung State assemblies cause mid-term Assembly elections at times thus breaking the concept of possible simultaneous elections. The situation can be best tackled by electing Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker in a State simultaneously through secret and compulsory vote through EVMs equipped with VVPAT on nominations signed by at least 34 per cent members with abstaining members losing right to vote in the House though retaining membership. Such elected incumbents may be removed through same process but with compulsion to name alternative leaders in the same motion.

Also elections to the posts of President and Vice President should be held simultaneously in the manner President is elected by all MPs and MLAs on nominations signed by at least 34 per cent MPs through EVMs equipped with VVPAT system. In case mid-term vacancy is caused at the post of President, the Vice President may be made President for rest of the term. However, in case of mid-term vacancy caused at the post of Vice President, an interim Vice President may be elected for rest of the term by MPs only in case both regularly and simultaneously elected President and Vice President may not be able to complete full term, fresh simultaneous elections for the next five years may be held without waiting for completion of earlier five-year term to finish. Presently there is a gap of just 17 days in the tenures of present President Ramnath Kovind and Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu which can be covered by crowning M Venkaiah Naidu as caretaker President from 26.07.2022 till 11.08.2022.

Madhu Agrawal,


Judicial overreach

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu while addressing the 80th all India Presiding Officers Conference on 25.11.2020 in Kevadia (Gujarat) pointed out about judicial overreach. But big question is who is responsible for any such need of judicial overreach. If legislature and executive would have been performing their functions well, then need of any alleged judicial overreach would not have arisen. Every poll-reform in the country, though still grossly inadequate, has been affected only because of intervention of the Supreme Court with successive governments reluctant to any such reforms because the present faulty system is tailor-stitched to suit professional politicians. Even Election Commission stood by court in opposition to government stand. The legislature has still not risen to the occasion even after more than seven decades for much required massive and consolidated poll reforms despite ignoring recommendations of so many committees and commissions.

Even petty matters like removing illegal sit-in at Shaheen Bagh (New Delhi) against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) required intervention of the Supreme Court while it was the duty of police and their ruling political authorities to ensure removal of such an illegal occupation of road causing hardships to general public on the very first day.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,


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