Four-lane tunnel under Brahmaputra: Letters to the Editor

The highly ambitious project of the construction of a four-lane tunnel under the mighty Brahmaputra linking Gohpur (NH-52) with Numaligarh (NH-37)
Four-lane tunnel under Brahmaputra: Letters to the Editor

Four-lane tunnel under Brahmaputra

The highly ambitious project of the construction of a four-lane tunnel under the mighty Brahmaputra linking Gohpur (NH-52) with Numaligarh (NH-37) is indeed of great national importance insofar as India's growing security concerns in the Eastern Himalayas and Northeast India is concerned. The prevalent military tensions and the recent stand-off with China are really serious issues to be dealt with expeditiously. The proposed underwater tunnel, no doubt, is a forward step towards lessening the intensity of this long-standing problem. Since the Brahmaputra has the high rate of sedimentation and erosive power, lots of challenges await ahead. However, there is the likelihood that, despite all odds, the US global construction giant Louis Berger will be able to carry forward with the project. But, the question arises if the overall safety of the riparians will get top priority during the construction. The conscious citizenry must be constantly vigilant and bring to light anything that may appear to be a threat to the ecosystem or the said inhabitants. Survival of the masses is no less important a matter than that of the security of the country.

Dipen Gogoi,


Gogoi sir, we will never forget you

It is very sad for us that former Chief Minister of Assam respected Tarun Gogoi is no longer with us. The people of Assam will never forget his political ideology and philosophy. A six-time member of parliament, we all know that Gogoi made significant changes during the 15 years of his tenure. He served as a general secretary of the AICC from 1985-1990 under Rajiv Gandhi, who was prime minister at that time. He was Union Minister of State with independent charge of the food ministry from 1991-1995. Gogoi served as Chief Minister of Assam for 5,485 days, from May 18, 2001 to May 24, 2016, covering three straight terms. He tested COVID-19 positive on August 25 and was discharged from hospital on October 25, before being readmitted on November 2. Gogoi sir, we will never forget you. You are in our heart and always will be.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Compensation money for Kangana Ranaut

It refers to welcome decision dated 27.11.2020 from Bombay High Court ordering Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to pay compensation to courageous film actress Kangana Ranaut for BMC demolishing major portion of office complex of the young film actress, considering it a deliberate, biased and unjustified act of BMC.

But BMC is funded by hard-earned money of tax payers, and must not be allowed to be paid as compensation for sin and faults of officials and political personalities concerned at BMC or Maharashtra government. The ordered compensation money must be recovered from these ones concerned. Moreover, officials concerned should also be immediately suspended from their posts as a lesson for others for not dancing to tune of heavyweight political rulers and other politicians. Morality and ethics demand that political rulers concerned should be removed from their posts putting a bar on their contesting any election in lifetime so that political rulers may not be able to act to take revenge from selected citizens.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,


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