Letters to the Editor

Me-Dam-Me-Phi is celebrated on 31st of January by the Ahoms every year to pay respect to the departed ancestors and remember their contributions which they have given to the society.
Letters to the Editor


Me-Dam-Me-Phi is celebrated on 31st of January by the Ahoms every year to pay respect to the departed ancestors and remember their contributions which they have given to the society. It is one of the most important festivals of Ahom since their arrival in Assam in the 12th century. The Government of Assam declares this day to be observed as a State holiday.

If we look at the literal term of Me-Dam-Me-Phi, 'Me' means offerings, 'Dam' means the ancestors and 'Phi' means God. Thus from this, we can say that it means the Ahom people offering prayers to their ancestors and they regard their ancestors as God.

Private as well as the public ceremony takes place. The private ceremony usually takes place in the kitchen, members of the family gather together and they worship together to place offerings such as homemade wine, mah-prasad and rice with meat and fish. The public ceremony has taken place in Charaideo, Assam for over 400 years. It is celebrated in Charaideo because Charaideo was the first permanent capital of Ahom kingdom from the 13th century and was the burial site for the kings of the Ahom Dynasty. It is usually celebrated in the regions such as Lakhimpur, Dibrugarh and Sivasagar where the population of Ahom people is maximum.

Nabamallika Bordoloi,


Doctor's prescription

Many doctors after having investigated patients write prescriptions advising the persons in accordance with which medicine is to be taken. But what we have observed is that many doctors write prescriptions illegibly because of which it becomes difficult to understand the directions clearly. Sometimes even educated people find it difficult to understand a doctor's prescription and approach a pharmacist for understanding. Sometimes some doctors also use abbreviations in prescriptions, for example, BF meaning before food, AF meaning after food etc. When a person does not understand the direction in the prescription then what is the use of the prescription? Some patients sometimes due to ignorance have to use medicines in a wrong way. I remember what a doctor said once, "Wrong manner of taking medicine is worse than no medicine".

We believe that the government should direct the doctors to write their prescriptions in Assamese in legible words so that anyone can read and understand without difficulty. The doctors during his oral investigation may ask the patient in which language he prefers his prescription, English or Assamese and write it accordingly. Those who want in English in the prescription may be given accordingly. Doctors should also know that patients depend on them and have high regards for them.

Paramananda Bora,


Air pollution in Delhi

A study has shown that many people are losing their eyesight due to air pollution. In adults, this problem is most common, according to a study by scientists. This means that not only the respiratory system but also the human ability to breathe can be destroyed. The scientific name for this problem is macular degeneration. Scientists have also started working on this problem. Scientists report that this problem is more prevalent in people over the age of 50. This problem is even more prevalent where the socio-economic system of the people is better. This problem could take a serious turn in the next 20 years. There is a strong possibility that 300 million people will lose their sight. The United Kingdom has been working on this issue since 2006. At that time, people between the ages of 41 and 69 were diagnosed with eye problems due to poisoning. It can be seen that most people do not have such a problem. As time goes on, the problem is exacerbated, and by the year 2021, it's clear how serious it can be. It is known that as the amount of PM 2.5 in the air increases, this problem will become bigger. Once upon a time Delhi was at the top of the list in terms of air pollution. In winter, it becomes large and foggy. According to the System for Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research two weeks ago, Delhi's air quality was extremely poor. Fog was seen in different parts of Delhi from the morning. That morning, Delhi's air quality index was 301. It was described as extremely poor by System for Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research. The roots of the crops are burnt in the fields of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab adjacent to Delhi every year.

At present, air pollution in various parts of Assam is dangerous. In particular, the emissions from the chimneys of small and medium enterprises in urban areas and along national highways have polluted the atmosphere. In this regard, if the authorities concerned of the government of Assam, the administration, and the Pollution Control Board, Assam are not vigilant, air quality in Assam will deteriorate soon. Maybe, in the future, Assam's air will be as polluted as that of Delhi.

The public should be aware of such sensitive issues. In this regard, the public has a lot to do. In particular, protests must be made. In addition, the affected public will have to protest against the pollution to the authorities concerned of the government. If necessary, legal assistance should be sought.

Heramba Nath,


Many similarities

The ongoing farmers stir and yesteryears anti-CAA agitation have many things in common. Like farmers agitation started in Punjab and later on engulfed the whole country, anti-CAA agitation started in Assam and engulfed the whole country. Both the agitations were violent in nature and most interestingly funded by some foreign sources. Further it came into light that the track record of the foreign sources has past history of sabotaging, waging war against the nation, funding terrorist activities to their credit. It is time for Bonafide citizens 'to think and act'. Otherwise the nation as a whole is heading to a serious crisis.

Dr. Ashim Chowdhury,


Appeasing voters

The AJP, Raijor Dol, Congress and the AIUDF are targeting the Muslim-dominated constituencies as they know in those constituencies the BJP would score zero. Sensing this as an opportunity the AJP, Congress, AIUDF, and others have started hectic campaigning. In quest to win the hearts of voters of these constituencies the above mentioned party leaders have given certificate stating that "Miya people are original inhabitants of Assam". Some have even gone further stating that "Miya people are the 'Anna Datta' of Assam. If they stop farming, the people of the State will die of hunger. The BJP may have thousands of drawbacks but one thing which I liked is their honesty. They could have easily stooped low to garner the Miya people's votes but the top leaders of the party stood ground by not following appeasement policy. The all powerful cabinet Ministers have already admitted that the BJP would lose all the minority-dominated constituencies.

The AJP and the Raijor Dol in particular have confirmed most of their election meetings in lower Assam in Muslim majority seats. Why Lurinjyoti Gogoi and his troupe don't have time and guts to hold meetings in other constituencies (not minority-dominated constituencies)?

Spondon Hazuri,

Biswanath Chariali.

Guidelines for polls

As election is nearing, the Election Commission of India has given some guidelines against the use of illicit liquor and other intoxicated materials during the pre-and post-poll period. The instructions are welcome. But it is up to the implementing agency how far it is successful. I would like to request the Election Commission of India and the Government to implement the guidelines in letter and spirit as the ensuing poll in Assam is a crucial one.

Putul Sarma,

Biswanath Chariali

Reopening of screens

It is welcome to note that the Union government has issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 for cinema halls and theatres. The SOP clarifies that all COVID-related safety standards must be continued inside the premises. The General Guidelines specify that respiratory etiquettes must be followed, including the use of face masks, the adequate social distancing of at least 6 feet outside the auditoriums, common areas, and waiting areas at all times, spitting will be prohibited and usage of Aarogya Setu app will be promoted. The SOP promotes the usage of contactless digital transactions for payments for tickets, food, and beverages, etc. Ensure suitable arrangements to avoid crowding at the sale counters. After a long break, it seems to be good for the film industry and also for cinema fans. Hope that everyone should follow the COVID safeguards strictly by enjoying new movies.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

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