Stress of exams among students: Letters to The Editor

Stress of exams among students
Stress of exams among students: Letters to The Editor

Stress of exams among students

From the esteemed column of your newspaper, I would like to bring your attention to the stress of examinations among students. Stress refers to the mental state or emotional tension or strain that occurs due to demanding circumstances.

Stress can be both positive and negative. During examination time a little stress can motivate someone to put to work. While other times much stress tends to make things out of hand.

Among students, stress is a common emotion when they are worried and under pressure. Sometimes students acquire so much stress that they begin to feel isolated, and their sense of well being is negatively affected. Sometimes it leads students towards depression, makes them irritable, experience anxiety and lose sleep.

To reduce stress among students, they must practice various meditations. It helps the students to feel themselves and think upon their decision about what is effective, and what is not. Students while studying should take small breaks in between to reduce stress. Most importantly students must be made to believe in themselves through family and friends support. Parents should help them by not putting unnecessary pressure or expectation upon them.

Madhuparna Mitra,


A request to the


In 2020, we were able to see that how COVID-19 struck us badly, and it was a terrible moment for human beings as so many people lost their lives and many suffered mentally. Now it is seen that the second wave of COVID-19 has struck India. As a result, lockdown and night curfews have been imposed in a few States along with the closing of the educational institutions and postponement of examinations. The lockdown has disproportionately hurt the marginalized communities due to loss of livelihood and lack of food, shelter, health and other basic needs. Due to the increasing number of COVID cases, if the Government again imposes lockdown across the nation, it will be a serious problem for those marginalized people. If the Government along with controlling the COVID cases puts an eye on the mental problems of the people, it will be very helpful for the citizens.

Bhaskar Nath,


Stoic silence

The people are yet to overcome the sudden and untimely death of noted singer Vitali Das due to COVID-19. Through your esteemed daily, I offer my deepest condolences to her family and friends. There are certain questions which are needed to be answered. When the State was witnessing a gradual increase in corona cases why did the members of Bihu committees insist to have the functions? Are Bihu functions more important than the life of the people? Some of the Bihu committee members like Kailash Sarma, Adip Phukhan saw conspiracy from the Government on the SOPs issued. They tried to project a belief among the people that the Government is intentionally trying to destroy Bihu customs and traditions. They protested when the administration asked them to close the Bihu functions by 11 pm. They shouted when the administration asked the Bihu committees to undergo COVID-19 tests 72 hours before the public function. They disagreed with the Government when the latter asked them to sanitize the venue daily. Now the State is paying the price. All Bihu functions should have been cancelled when the State saw a gradual increase in the number of corona cases. COVID has spread to nook and corner of the State, and it has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. The business is taking a dip, and the worst sufferers are the poor daily wage earners. The irresponsible fun monger Bihu committee members won't understand the current impact the people are having due to precarious COVID situations, and now they are maintaining a stoic silence and hiding behind the doors.

The majority of the Bihu committees have never submitted the audited accounts publicly. Holding Bihu celebrations for a month is a big source of income for the committee members. Artistes earn by their talent but questions remain on the organizers. After all, it is public money through which Bihu functions are held.

Spondon Hazuri,

Biswanath Chariali

Baseless allegations

The Opposition parties are trying to malign the image of the Election Commission of India (ECI) and our Paramilitary forces that are sincerely doing their duty by keeping the EVMs safe. Blaming the EVMs and the ones who are guarding the EVMs has become a very common excuse for the losing parties. Elections are the report card of the ruling party and also the progress card for the Opposition parties. Chances of manipulation are there where ballot papers are used. There are many examples of how certain candidates use muscle power to forcefully capture the polling stations in the past. The Supreme Court has also given clean chit to EVMs. I request every political party to accept the people's verdict gracefully and the winning party or the alliance should work sincerely to fulfil the people's aspirations, and at the same time, the losing party or the alliance should work as a watchdog so that the government doesn't deviate from the promises they made in their manifesto.

Tanveer Mullah Haq,


Vaccine for adults

The decision to allow vaccine for above 18 years is the right step. The current wave of coronavirus has infected the young population more. But the problem is the availability of vaccines. The government must take urgent steps to increase the production and import of vaccines. People are going to line up for vaccine after May 1, along with those requiring the second dose during the same period. All stakeholders, including the Central Government, State governments and the pharma companies producing the vaccines must work in close coordination for the success of the drive.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


The crowd in the vaccination centres

Through this column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the crowd in vaccination centres.

Currently, the second wave of COVID-19 is underway across the country. The Assam Government has set up free vaccination centres in every district. But there has been a huge rush of people at the vaccination centres. They don't follow any COVID protocols. I, therefore, would like to request the authority concerned to make some COVID-appropriate rules to be followed at the vaccination centres.

Himakhi Hazarika,

CU, Guwahati

Black marketers

Intelligence and investigation agencies arresting three persons in Delhi for Remdesivir injection should be complimented for their commendable job which if further investigated can expose several misdeeds in the biggest wholesale medicine market of Asia namely Bhagirath Palace at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Bhagirath Palace till about some decades back was a purely posh residential colony of Old Delhi with very huge and spacious residential buildings which subsequently illegally converted into a big wholesale commercial hub for so many commodities like medicines, surgical goods, electrical and electronics goods only because of high-level corrupt nexus of politicians, police and civic body with hardly any resident left in the colony-turned market. Every building on its multiple floors has now a large number of small shops, including that of medicines.

Most medicine dealers do not give any valid cash memo or bill that may further be misused to be sold to big consumers to avail of Income Tax and GST benefits, including Input Tax Credit. Even if some consumer insists on a bill, then a computer slip with 'Rough Estimate' printed at the top is given. Even a single strip of medicine can be purchased from any wholesaler in Bhagirath Palace at discount varying from 20-25 per cent.

Hard remand of those arrested and complete search of their stocks and computers may perhaps reveal the truth, if any, about the sale of duplicate, spurious, fake medicines. Employees of arrested culprits should also be taken into custody making them approver, who can further reveal about malpractices prevailing in the market. Office-bearers of the market association should feel duty-bound in the larger public interest to know about prevailing malpractices of some of their members and must volunteer themselves to assist investigating agencies. Better is that only complete boxes of medicines rather than loose strips may be allowed to be sold in the wholesale market that too only on the issue of proper bills either to hospitals, dispensaries, doctors or consumers purchasing full boxes but only through bills. There should be an absolute ban on sending medicines on rough challans, approval memos or in names like rough estimates.

The arrest of a goldsmith can likewise reveal the malpractice of gold being purchased without an account. Reports reveal that the arrested goldsmith was assisting black marketers of Remdesivir injection by harassed victims selling their gold to arrange for heavy price for Remdesivir injection.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,


On a war zone

As I am writing this piece, barely a few hours are left for the outcome of the 2021 Assembly polls. Whatever may be the mandate, one man is working selflessly 24 hours a day in Assam in the present crisis. He is none other than Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. Last year too we saw how hard he had worked to safeguard the citizens of the State, and this year it's no different. The MCC (Model Code of Conduct) is enforced in the State, and also the voting process is over. He could have easily gone on a vacation or taken rest, but he preferred to jump into the war zone. A majority of the MLAs of ruling or the Opposition parties are distancing themselves from the public, unlike Dr Sarma. The Opposition is not lending a helping hand to him in his efforts. Rather the likes of Ripun Bora, Ajit Bhuyan, Debabrata Saikia are leaving no stone unturned to criticize him. According to them, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, who is now a minister in a caretaker government, should not involve himself in the fight against the pandemic. Already Ripun Bora and his team have set a brilliant example by relaxing in a luxurious resort on the outskirts of Guwahati, flouting all the COVID-19 protocols.

One can hate or love Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, but cannot ignore him. I pray to Almighty that He blesses Dr Sarma with more strength and good health.

Julie Bhuyan,


Online yoga

The step by Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga to offer online yoga training programmes is in the right direction. The programmes conducted under the Ministry of Ayush, which are health-promoting and anxiety-relieving, provide useful support to the common people to balance their daily lives in the changed scenario. In addition to physical health and emotional well-being, Yoga also extends a positive pathway to overcoming the activity crisis faced by numerous people who are constrained to stay at home due to the pandemic. This is promoted by the message 'Be with Yoga, Be at Home' against the backdrop of the pandemic to provide Yoga training to one and all. People should come forward to join online yoga training programmes and support this best way to deal with the pandemic.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

A rare gesture

Through this letter, I want to draw the attention of all my countrymen to one of the rarest gestures shown by an octogenarian to his fellow citizens. The octogenarian gentleman named Narayan Dabholkar from Nagpur, Maharashtra was in a critical state after being infected with COVID-19. After much struggle, he managed a bed in the Indira Gandhi Civil Hospital in Nagpur. Soon after being admitted into the hospital, he saw a young woman desperately looking for a bed for her 40-year-old husband. Without caring for his own life and going against the medical advice he sought discharge from the hospital. He appealed to the doctors on duty that he had lived his life and that the young gentleman has the responsibility of his family on him so his bed should be given to the young gentleman.

Ignoring the medical advice he took the discharge. After three days the great soul made its journey to the heavenly abode. For information, Lt. Dabholkar was an RSS sevak. Indeed a rare gesture from the soul. Om Shanti Om Shanti.

Lanu Dutta Chowdhury,


IPL amid pandemic

The IPL tournament is going on in India without the involvement of live spectators. The much-debated issue of cancelling the tournament amidst the second wave of pandemic needs an urgent overview. While it is appreciable to play with the sportsmanship and spirit of the game despite the odds, the organizers otherwise should take a call to cancel the tournament now without much delay.

The IPL tournament may be cancelled for the remaining matches while considering the health and safety of the players and the match officials involved in the game. The organizers should instead come forward to donate the funds to much-needed medical relief and oxygen requirements in India. The gesture will be welcomed by one and all as such there is no need for a cricket tournament to be held in this hour of a health crisis.

Varun Dambal,


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