Wrong tactics: Letters To The Editor

RSS has rightly pointed out that in West Bengal BJP lost due to wrong tactics.
Wrong tactics: Letters To The Editor

Wrong tactics

RSS has rightly pointed out that in West Bengal BJP lost due to wrong tactics. First and foremost is that they gave tickets to maximum deserters and secondly they favoured cine stars. The cine stars can bring the crowd to meetings and rallies, but it doesn't automatically translate into votes. Fielding deserters who are already rejected by the previous party and public cannot be winning formula. The same story happened with AJP. Lurinjyoti Gogoi wanted to make an army with all the deserters like Jagadish Bhuyan, Pabindra Deka, Zerifa Wahid, Dulu Ahmed, Adip Phukan, and others. This breed of people has changed party like one changes clothes in the summertime. It indicates they are power-hungry without any integrity. Assembling all the failed people in a new party is the biggest blunder done by Lurinjyoti Gogoi. Since AJP has scored duck it is time for a major overhaul of the office-bearers of the party. Bringing fresh and new dedicated faces is the way to go. Getting rid of all the scraps (deserters) from the party is very important. Lastly, please come down on your hard orthodox stance on regionalism. Give space to all sections of people by including people from all walks of society like Bengali, Marwari, Bihari, and others.

Purabi Miri


New Assam CM

The BJP-led alliance, under its victory in the recently held Assembly election in Assam, is going to form the government in the State. Himanta Biswa Sarma, an elected member from BJP, will head the government in the State. The people in Assam have voted the BJP-led alliance to power with the hope that it would rule the State properly and solve the problems. The indigenous people in Assam were opposed to some policies that the outgoing BJP-led alliance government took during its rule. Particularly, the indigenous people in Assam do not support the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. As against it, the BJP-led government in Assam has been supporting the Act. Secondly, the indigenous people in Assam have been demanding the government to implement Clause 6 of the Assam Accord early. Here also, the previous BJP-led government in Assam has shown its failure. The past is gone. The new BJP-led government, headed by Himanta Biswa Sarma, would have to take steps to develop the State and to solve its burning problems. Accordingly, the new government in Assam will have to convince the Government at the Centre not to implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Assam, take steps to implement Clause 6 of the Assam Accord, create jobs for the unemployed in the state by setting up of new industries, revive closed industries in the State and develop both economic and social infrastructure. The relevance of the government in a state is measured by the works it does.

Maheswar Deka


'Dost for life'

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched a mobile app 'Dost for life' to ensure the mental well-being of students. The board has designed this facility for the ease, convenience, and utility of students and parents within the safe home environment. The new app simultaneously caters to students and parents from CBSE-affiliated schools in different geographies across the world. The live counselling sessions are conducted free of cost by trained counsellors. The key features included in this app are counselling sessions, expert advice, suggestive course guide after Class 12, tips on mental well-being, and COVID-19-related protocol along with audio-visual messages. Hope that this initiative will offer a practical approach for students to manage psycho-social challenges by providing healthy learning stimulation.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

Price rise

I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned with the rapid price rise of essential commodities during this Covid situation. The covid-19 pandemic, along with the associated lockdowns, has significantly affected everyone's life. The pandemic has altered the spending pattern of consumers and the level of price inflation they face. The lockdown measures affected the supply of and demand of essential commodities leading to rising in price very fast. But this time without any hurdles in transportation and other causes many wholesalers, taking the chance of the pandemic, increase the price of the commodities, especially the price of food items. The rapid price rise has adversely affected the common people, especially people of low-income groups and daily labourers. As per the guidelines issued by the Government, shops and commercial establishments should be shut down by 2 pm. Due to this, the shopkeepers will also face a great loss which may lead to more increase in price. Because of this, all the general people will face big trouble. So, the authorities should take necessary steps regarding this matter so that the condition of each group of people doesn't get worse.

Murchana Baruah

CU, Guwahati

A leaf from 2nd May

2nd May gave us innumerable hard lessons to learn. In the constituencies dominated by the Miya people, all the parties were rejected except Congress and the AIUDF. AJP and Raijor Dol tried their level best to woo the voters of those constituencies, but on 2nd May all their efforts didn't buy any result. The majority of the candidates of AJP and Raijor Dol lost their security deposit. The voting was entirely based on religious line. Lurinjyoti Gogoi and Akhil Gogoi should understand that certain words like 'jatiyobadi, anchalikbadi and dharma niropeksho' don't work with electorates from those constituencies. We all remember how Akhil Gogoi stood shoulder to shoulder with the illegal occupants in Kaziranga belt when the police and the administration went for an eviction drive, but still, Raijor Dol drew blank in Miya-dominated seats. Lurinjyoti Gogoi's visit to masjids and Mazars before the election failed to make an impact with them. A lesson for the duo is 'secularism cannot be one-way traffic. Both Lurinjyoti Gogoi and Akhil Gogoi are often seen lecturing on secularism to indigenous people, but they would be much more appreciated if they can do the same to people in minority-dominated constituencies.

Julie Bhuyan


"Mrs Spider's parlour"

During our school days, I remember a poem titled "Mrs Spider's Parlour" which has some resemblance to the current political scenario in the State. Like a spider lays a web to catch prey, Mariani MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi too tried to grab the catch in his web. Seizing the opportunity for the delay in nominating Chief Minister, Rupjyoti Kurmi spread a web to catch his former party colleague Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma into the sinking ship named Congress. Alas! Kurmi's plan backfired. Three-time Mariani MLA after being refreshed from a pleasure trip in a luxurious resort has to wait for another five years to fulfil his dream of becoming Chief Minister. Being a court jester we expect more move dramas in the coming days.

Aparna Sarma Chowdhury


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