Students' dilemma: Letters to The Editor

The students of colleges and universities are in a dilemma regarding their examinations.
Students' dilemma: Letters to The Editor

Students' dilemma

The students of colleges and universities are in a dilemma regarding their examinations. During this critical period, when classes are going on through online mode, students are clueless if they will have their examinations through online mode itself or will be promoted to their next semesters without examinations. Besides, there is chaos associated with the submission of the answer scripts through online mode. Those are sometimes not uploaded on time. Moreover, online examinations are a hindrance to the intellectual growth of students as this 'open book method' is destroying the ethics of education. So through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of our Honourable Education Minister of the State and the authorities concerned.

Aranyani Borah,


Yeoman's service

The RSS is providing yeoman's service to the citizens of our great country during this pandemic period. The karyakartas of the RSS never make beeline for photographers or news channels' attention. Silently they are working selflessly. Often put in bad books by some organizations with vested interests, political parties or individuals, the cadres of RSS are coming to aid of people irrespective of religion, colour, caste or creed. Be it the flood situation in Jammu and Kashmir or massive earthquake in Surat, Gujarat, floods in Bihar, Kerala, Assam, Maharashtra, etc the RSS cadres are amongst the victims to provide succour. Meanwhile, those who are after the blood of RSS are sitting idle and trying hard to destabilize the efforts of the government in this pandemic period. Airing false and misleading information about vaccine, hospitals, doctors and nurses are the order of the day for the critics. Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Asaduddin Owaisi, Asad Madani Farukh Abdullah, Digvijay Singh and a few more clones of the same breed often keep on barking that RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi but they never utter single word about the killers of Arjun Singh (Son Guru Govind Singh), Sambhaji (Son of Shivaji), Lal Bahadur Shastri to name a just few. Due to some paid historians of the Nehru dynasty, Ramachandra Guha and Romilla Thapar entire Indian history got distorted and we were made to only glorify our invaders — Mughals.

Dhiman Senchowa,

North Lakhimpur

Rupohihat incident

Violation of COVID-19 protocols has become the habit of a section of people. For a few, COVID-19 is not any disease but a ploy of the government to harass the public. On 09/06/21 while on regular patrolling duty, the policemen of Rupohihat found some adults playing cricket violating all the COVID protocols. As soon as they saw police, the gathering fled from the scene though police managed to get hold of a few. Some among the gathering jumped into a nearby river and one person got killed due to drowning. Soon after the incident, entire villagers armed with sticks and stones circled the police station and launched an attack. I pray to almighty for eternal peace of the youth but at the same time condemn the crowd for taking the law into their hands. The police force was just doing their duty and secondly why on the earth those youths jumped into the river. Was there any illegal activity going on apart from violating government SOPs? Another day we saw how people of Udali started assaulting a doctor due to the death of a COVID patient, and yesterday they targeted the police station due to the unfortunate death of a youth. Both the incidents happened in a matter of ten days and this should send alarming signals to the indigenous people about the threats from such people.

Julie Bhuyan,


Brownface Syndrome

The article titled 'Brownface Syndrome' (June 9) has brought into notice the infamous practice of 'brown facing actors. Browning up light-skinned actors in India has the same calibre of damage as blackening white-skinned actors in western countries. On one hand, it reflects the lack of diversity in the industry, and on the other hand, it reflects the deeply seeded practice of stereotyping skin colour. In India, the browning up has been usually done to represent people of lower strata which is irrelevant and unnecessary. For example, in the movie Coolie No. 1, actor Varun Dhawan was made to appear darker than usual to represent a coolie. Was it even necessary? India takes pride in its diversity and claims to be 'united' despite its diversity. However, practices like skin-colour stereotyping, caste discrimination, and regionalism deeply undermine one's ability to fully express themselves.

Seema Daimary,


Cyber thieves

I sent Rs 5,000 to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund on May 23 through Phone Pe. I took the account number from the internet. First I tried to send it directly into the portal's account for the Fund. But I could not. Then I took to the Phone Pe. But as my name was not being displayed among the donors for over a week, a doubt came to my mind. When I crossed checked the account number, I have discovered that the number which was written on the page as the Assam Chief Minister's Relief Fund is short by the last digit. The genuine number is 35969660230, but the number I sent the amount was 3596966023. I have realized that I might have fallen prey to the cyber thieves' trap. Kindly help me to recover the money so that I can redirect it to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

As per the SBI (PBB Br Station Chariali, Sivasagar) statement, the money was transferred to —5099847162099/UPI/DR/11432996/2838/Bank/ACC/SBIN/3596966023

Manoj Kumar Borthakur,


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