Assam's poor performance: Letters to The Editor

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to address that the performance of Assam in the recent NITI Ayog report has been quite dissatisfactory.
Assam's poor performance: Letters to The Editor

Assam's poor performance

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to address that the performance of Assam in the recent NITI Ayog report has been quite dissatisfactory.

The 17 sustainable development goals which fall under the part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have not been received well by the State as Assam's performance is well below the national average of 60.

While Assam has also seen a progression of being an aspirant State to that of a performer State in the year 2019.

Still, to fulfil the SDGs laid by United Nations for achieving socio-economic development, Assam has a long journey to cover and the government should focus on these indicators to complete the goals which are part of Mission 2030 by the United Nations.

Abhigyan Deka,


Good step

One of the popular serial – 'Beharbari Outpost' in the Rengoni channel deserves a pat on the back for creating awareness about drugs and narcotics. The entire team of the popular serial deserves special praises for educating the general public about the dangerous mechanism and circle involved with the racket. The recent operations against drug warlords in Assam have exposed the role of the people of erstwhile Bangladesh. Art and drama are two powerful media where social issues can be circulated. Without naming any community, the team of Beharbari Outpost has given enough indications about those particular people involved in the trade and also the nefarious designs of the traders. The bold team of Beharbari Outpost should be an inspiration for other series or serials.

Purabi Miri,


Menace of power theft

Power Minister Bimal Bora deserves applause from the public for unfolding power theft by a few big industrialists in Assam with the connivance of higher officials of APDCL, within a short span of his taking over the charge of power. In my opinion, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many years back I was given to understand that many tea gardens of upper Assam indulged in power theft with the help of ASEB personnel. Thus, it is important to put all tea industries under the scanner along with other industries.

When we were residing at Vasant Kunj (Sector-3), New Delhi an electrician came to me and offered me to help by bypassing the power line to my Air conditioners. He also informed me that he has provided his 'services to many residents in that complex. I, right way subbed the person and asked him to leave the place. By mentioning the above, I want to drive home the point that many households in Guwahati and elsewhere in Assam might have indulged in malpractices while consuming power. There is no respite for honest consumers unless culprits are brought to book.

Prafulla Dowarah,


A purposeful reading experience

I, being an avid reader and subscriber of your valuable news daily, The Sentinel since 2004, would like to share my honest thoughts with you all with utmost gratitude and appreciation for how I am enriched with my purposeful reading.

This is one of the most popularly circulated English news dailies in Northeastern India that comes closer to our heart and influences innumerable human lives for a broader outlook and a better contribution to the development of human resources in today's global world where every second is precious and not to be missed!

Indeed, our reading skill in English gets developed through the thought-provoking editorials every day; the value-based articles, write-ups, cover stories and other regular features. The Sentinel prepares us for an incredible learning outcome. Every page of the illustrated news daily is unique, universal and undoubtedly enriching.

It is not just English news daily; in fact, it is our honest perspective, sincere gratitude and heartfelt joy of the fruitful reading experience. Indeed, we, the enthusiastic readers, get an ample opportunity to share our unbiased reviews, uncompromising feedbacks and constructive criticism.

The sections – Letters to The Editor, the Editorial and the article on page 4 mean a lot for us. They, indeed, inspire and make us rediscover many new things in this world and understand the various aspects of life that motivate us to contribute our level best to this society and towards the common people. None can deny the mass appeal of this wonderful news daily in Assam.

Saluting fair journalism, indomitable work culture and honest dedication on the part of The Sentinel press fraternity that fosters unconditional service to the community as a whole.

Keep up the standard and the regular course of action.

Jayanta Topadar,


Kerela and West Bengal

Kerela and West Bengal have contributed immensely to the nation in fields like sports, culture, science, literature, theatre, etc. Kerela at this moment is the last bastion of Leftists and West Bengal which was under the rule of Communist for over three decades is now under the control of TMC for over a decade. Sadly both the States at present are in need for all the wrong reasons. Kerela is rocked by the gold smuggling where a very close aide of the Chief Minister is involved and West Bengal too is under turmoil because of CM and Governor's rift which has become public. West Bengal is further bleeding due to pre and post-election violence which have left many innocent people homeless. Another similarly exhibited by the two States is the refusal to implement the Centre's beneficiary policies or schemes. Can the two States survive without the Centre's aids or are they getting funded from foreign sources? Sometimes I wonder whether Kerela and West Bengal are parts of India. Both these States are a threat to the federal structure of the country.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


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