Letters to the Editor: A freak accident

The stampede at a music concert at Cochin University of Science and Technology in Kerala reportedly left some students dead and some injured.
Letters to the Editor: A freak accident

A freak accident

The stampede at a music concert at Cochin University of Science and Technology in Kerala reportedly left some students dead and some injured. Around 2,000 university students had participated in the programme, and the accident occurred as there was only one gate for exit. According to the Vice Chancellor, the stampede occurred due to heavy rain and a large crowd. The university should have made concrete arrangements for the programme in advance. If any institution or organization organizes any event, then it should make all the proper arrangements in advance to ensure that no incident of any kind occurs.

Jahangir Ali,


The paradox of government schemes

Government schemes in India have been instrumental in addressing various social and economic issues, aiming to uplift the lives of citizens. While these initiatives have undoubtedly brought about positive changes in many areas, there is a growing concern about their unintended consequences on the work ethic of the population. Some argue that certain government schemes may inadvertently foster dependency and lethargy among recipients, leading to a decline in overall productivity. Over the years, the Indian government has introduced a plethora of schemes aimed at poverty alleviation, rural development, education, healthcare, and more. Programmes such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), direct benefit transfers, and subsidized food distribution have played a crucial role in improving the standard of living for millions of people. However, critics argue that these initiatives might be contributing to a culture of dependency rather than fostering self-reliance.

One of the primary concerns associated with government schemes is the potential for citizens to become overly reliant on the benefits provided. For instance, MGNREGA guarantees 100 days of wage employment in rural areas, but some critics argue that it may discourage individuals from seeking alternative, more sustainable forms of employment. The steady influx of government aid can create a mindset of dependency, where individuals may be less motivated to actively participate in the workforce or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Many government schemes involve the distribution of free or heavily subsidized goods and services. While this is intended to alleviate financial burdens on the most vulnerable sections of society, it can inadvertently create a mentality of entitlement. Some individuals may come to expect these benefits as a matter of right, reducing their incentive to engage in meaningful work or skill development. This ‘freebie’ mentality can hinder the development of a strong work ethic, as individuals may not feel the need to work hard when essential needs are seemingly provided for.

The availability of government subsidies and support can impact entrepreneurship in unexpected ways. While these schemes are designed to encourage small businesses and startups, there is a risk that entrepreneurs may become overly dependent on government assistance. This dependence may stifle innovation and risk-taking behaviour, as individuals may be more inclined to play it safe, relying on government aid rather than taking entrepreneurial risks. It is crucial to recognize that government programmes are essential for addressing socio-economic disparities and improving the overall quality of life for citizens. However, finding a balance between providing support and encouraging self-sufficiency is a delicate task. Policymakers must design and implement schemes that not only address immediate needs but also promote long-term economic independence and self-reliance.

Swagata L Kar


Call spades a spade

So far, we understand from our experience that terrorists are people who even kill innocent people without any discrimination about caste, creed, age, or sex. India, just like Israel, has been plagued by terrorists for a long time. The so-called freedom fighters generally don’t harm or kill innocent civilians to attain their rights, as we learn from the historical pages of Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, etc. But very sadly, of late, a group of people belonging to a certain faith have returned to violence across the globe in the guise of freedom fighters, supported by nations like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon in particular. In India of late, a group of people backed by our so-called secular forces in the guise of freedom fighters are bleeding the nation by killing innocent civilians. According to them, people like Yakub Menon, Afzal Guru, etc. are freedom fighters, not terrorists, and are revered as their liberators. The whole nation is watching helplessly at such developments, as India is a secular democracy. Our own ULFA, who once claimed to be our liberator, can also be included as a terrorist group, as their hands are also stained with the blood of even school-going children. We cannot retaliate like Israel due to certain compulsions, even when our brave hearts are martyred by both of these above-mentioned groups.

Joel Gayari,


Exploitation of consumers

We, the television viewers, at home are enduring very unfair dealings from the cable agency. The agency usurps two minutes of our viewing time each time the TV set is switched on. The extra two minutes have been allotted to two national news channels in the opening slot to run commercial promotions when our pack is kept inaccessible. The cable agency is thereby earning extra revenue fraudulently at the cost of consumers' viewing time. Repeated requests to the cable operator to shift the ad service from the opening slot have not yielded any results. All the consumers need to unitedly object to this unjust act.

We subscribed to agencies' services in good faith to gain uninterrupted broadcasts of TV programs, but all of us are being exploited. The problem has already been brought out in this column.

Again, I draw the kind attention of the authorities concerned to look into it and act, as deemed proper, against the erring cable agencies to stop misusing customers' good faith.

Pannalal Dey


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