Letters to the Editor: Air India wins

It is great to see Air India coming back to its original owner.
Letters to the Editor: Air India wins

Air India wins

It is great to see Air India coming back to its original owner. Tata was running Air India smoothly till 1953. After that, the Government of India under Nehru took it over and passed the Air Corporations Act and purchased a majority of stake in the carrier from Tata Sons. At that period, JRD Tata expressed his disappointment and opposition to the then government's decision. Later on, as we all know, due to mismanagement Air India incurred huge losses for years and wasted the taxpayers' money. Post-2004, the UPA government under Manmohan Singh (remote-controlled by Sonia Gandhi) destroyed Air India. As a citizen of this great country, I am elated that after 68-years of wait Air India is again back with Tata Sons, and hopefully, they will scale newer heights.

Julie Bhuyan,


Heavenly smile from a garbage dump

Children with begging bowls is a common scene in Guwahati. You can easily find a hungry child roaming in the street of Guwahati. Many kind-hearted organizations are trying to feed these children. However, poverty and many other issues do not allow us to eradicate this menace from our society. India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world. 189.2 million people i.e. 14% of our population are undernourished. 20% of children under five years of age are underweight. 34.7% of children of this age group are stunted. These are some facts about hunger in India. Here, I want to share a personal experience of a day on this matter. It was 6 pm. I was in Zoo Tiniali. A child bagger was scrounging for food in a garbage dump. At that very moment, I was with a handful of big KFC buckets that I brought for my sisters. My heart melted. I called him and gave him the bucket. He took the bucket from my hand, and started to smile. The memory of his heavenly smile always remains in me. Isn't it would be more exciting for everyone if we could draw a smile on the faces of every child who always looks for food in garbage dumps. I want to draw the attention of the authority concerned through your esteemed daily that they may produce some schemes to feed these hungry children.

Aditya Ankur Nath,


Bye-poll and

opposition parties

Five constituencies of Assam will go to bye-poll on 30th October 2021. The election process is already on. It is not important which party steal the spotlight. The important point here is why the opposition parties could not get united to oppose the mighty force? Therefore, it is clear as daylight that the opposition parties are not interested to lessen the woes and worries of the common people of the state. They are interested to propagate their own agendas only, despite knowing the fact that they would get defeated badly. They did not learn anything from the experience they had 4 months back. There is a saying, 'wise man learns from others mistakes, and fools keep on making mistakes. Obviously, it is their egos that have overwhelmed them not to leave an inch. For sure, such an attitude of political parties would definitely push them to oblivion in the coming days. Had they learned from their mistakes, all parties would have collectively supported Congress. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Now, the taxpayers will have to bear the brunt of their mistakes.

Prafulla Dowarah,


VIP guests!

We often see that the state or the nation receives VIP guests with full state or national honour. A red-carpet welcome is accorded to receive these VIP guests on behalf of the states or the nations. Interestingly at present, our state is blessed to receive 3 VVIP guests who are in the news for the wrong reasons. The VIP guests are Rajkainya Baruah, Rounak Ali Hazarika and Sherman Ali. They all are enjoying the state's best hospitality either in police or judicial custody due to their massive contributions to our state.

We the taxpayers of the state assure them of the best hospitality at our disposal as we are often regarded as the best hosts.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


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