Letters to the Editor: Dravidian Culture

Tamil Nadu is a very front-ranking state, which is known to all.
Letters to the Editor: Dravidian Culture

Dravidian culture

Tamil Nadu is a very front-ranking state, which is known to all. The state has produced many illustrious persons whose contributions to the nation in all fields are immense, starting from culture, sports, cinema, science and technology, politics, fine arts, etc., to name a few.

Sadly, of late, two regional political parties of the state, namely AIADMK and DMK, are trying to distance the state from the mainstream, citing Dravidian culture, language, and religion. In spite of its high literacy rate, the state's politics have been virtually dominated by its film personalities since its inception. The state is blessed with many famous Hindu temples. Tirupati is one of them, where pilgrims from all parts of the world come seeking blessings. Still, the politicians belonging to the DMK have recently abused the Sanatan faith openly with some derogatory words to appease a particular religion. They have every right to love their own language, but they have no right to dishonour the other languages and cultures, as Tamil Nadu and the Tamils are very much a part and parcel of India. They should take care of their tinsel heroes (whose names are kept discreet for the time being) who do not have any respect for or love for the nation.

Dr. Ashim Chowdhury,


Education of Future Leaders

The future of any country is determined by the quality of education and health services provided to its children. As the country enters the era of the technological revolution of AI, we have to focus all our energy on educating children. This year's report by the NGO ASR is as alarming as the reports of all previous years. If every fourth teenager between the ages of 14 and 18 cannot even read second grade phrases in their own language, and if only every third teenager wants to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), while 56% want to study the humanities, It is not difficult to understand. Why are more than half of teenagers in this age group unable to solve simple third-grade addition and division questions? Hence, his lack of interest in mathematics and science can be understood. In the next few years, these teenagers will participate in the democratic process by becoming voters, and they will stand in the labor market, but they will not be needed in new types of industries.  Surprisingly, according to the report, 90% of these teens have smartphones in their homes, but more than half are not aware of their security features, and 43% of teens have personal cell phones. An ASER report a year ago revealed that four out of five students in South India choose STEM as their educational path. Needless to say, their chances of advancing in the modern-era race would be greater.

Nawaz Ashraf


Strong Opposition

India is a dynamic and diverse country that is well-known for its 'Unity in Diversity'. Different political parties strengthen its commonwealth and stop the ruling party from corruption. Strong opposition can become people's voice. If opposition is not strong enough, it means democracy is in danger. However, stopping and attacking the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Assam or in any place is equivalent to "trampling on and demolishing" every right and justice guaranteed by the Constitution to the people of India. Therefore, opposition parties should be strong so that they can act upon their constitutionally guaranteed rights to express their views, ideas, and opinions.

Tauqueer Rahmani,


Be Neutral

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren was quizzed by Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials at his official residence in Ranchi for over eight hours in connection with the alleged land scam case. It is very unfortunate that raiding and apprehending opposition leaders have become typical. The government officials should be neutral.

Bahadur Singh,


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