Letters to the Editor: Indian Olympic heroes

Tokyo Olympics 2020, which was delayed till 2021, was held in Tokyo, Japan due to the Covid-19 restriction that is prevalent throughout.
Letters to the Editor: Indian Olympic heroes

Indian Olympic heroes

Tokyo Olympics 2020, which was delayed till 2021, was held in Tokyo, Japan due to the Covid-19 restriction that is prevalent throughout. This Indian contingent made history with getting the highest medals, 7, since the inception of the Olympics. With 4 bronzes, two silvers & a gold medal, these athletes stepped back to the country, where they have received an enormous crowd in the airport and numerous private and government agencies gave them huge awards both in monetary and materialistic ways.

While countries like the USA, China and even host Japan finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Olympics tally of Tokyo 2020, their medalists are too applauded and appreciated, the countries keep it simple and sorted as there is a sense of excellence, which an individual should receive for delivering such high performance representing their countries, like a citizens duty to make their country proud.

Whereas India stood 48th in the tally, the players are much hyped and mostly, after they won the medals.

Several medalists and their coaches have said on record that there was hardly any help from the Government during the training session for providing proper means for the athlete to practice. However, despite all these nuisance and carelessness of the government, they attempt to jump right back to claim the athletes win, saying out loud that they made the medal happen. While many ministers were also seen putting their photos instead of the winners on city-wide or nationwide posters.

Even in some nations, athletes have to go back to doing their mundane work and balance with training to sustain life, additionally pursuing their sports career. Most often, reports come from gold medalists from a foreign nation, that the silver medalist in India is a bigger thing than them.

While applause and appreciation and even awards are one athlete's achievements, however, I would kindly like to suggest that the Government should also provide proper infrastructure so that more medalists come forward and the money they spent post winning, the same should be spent to make sure the country bags more medals, constantly.

Niyar Deka,

Cotton University

Right decision

There is yet another right decision taken by Dispur by changing the name of Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park to the original name – Orang National Park. ORANG is the name of the revered God worshipped by the locals of that region. It was rather very amusing to see Koliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi without any iota of knowledge about Assam's history, culture, tradition taking exception of renaming that particular national park. Gogoi must have done so because of his proximity with his master Rahul Gandhi.

All said and done now, we feel and think to consider changing the name of Nehru Stadium located in Guwahati to RADHA GOVINDA BARUAH stadium at the earliest. We all know that it was the single-handed effort of great Late RG Baruah the said stadium has become a reality. By doing so, it would be a fitting tribute to the great departed soul who was also known as 'Singhapurush'.

Hope AASU and AYJCP will raise their voice in this regard. JOI AI ASOM.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


Anomalies in sports pension

The 3rd September of every year happens to be the birthday of our legendary athlete Bhogeswar Baruah. To honour this sportsperson, the Government of Assam celebrates this day as Abhiruchi Divas. On this day, the State government honours past and present sportspersons who have excelled at the national and international levels. They are offered a sports pension of Rs 10,000 per month. But very alarmingly, if we carefully go through the names in the list, one will be shell-shocked to know and find that many deserving names are missing, and many underserving ones are in the list. It has already caused turmoil in the sports circle of the state. It is alleged and proved beyond doubt about the involvement of a few self-styled sports journalists in this ugly scam. It is an ominous sign and must be nipped in the bud so that sports in Assam doesn't suffer due to such corrupt practices.

I strongly urge the government to inquire into the allegation. Else, the very purpose of holding this mega show will be lost.

Joel Gayari,


Government schools

Education is the prime and most important element of human life. Without education, no one can grow in life. School is the primary root of education. In the context of India under the Sarba Siksha Abhiyan, the government provides free learning in government institutions from 6 years to 14 years. But in Assam, the condition of government schools is very pathetic in different places for many causes. Due to a lack of infrastructure and educational standards, many parents have chosen private schools. It is a threat to every mother tongue. Nowadays, English private schools don't give adequate attention to mother tongues. The Delhi Government has tried to provide a quality learning programme in their government schools. One can compare their government school infrastructure and many more with private schools. So I urge the government to take some steps for the uplift of the government primary education system. I also urge the parents that they should send their children to go to the government institutions. The mother tongue is our primary identity.

Aditya Ankur Nath,


Javed Akhtar's real pain!

In an interview with a news channel, lyricist Javed Akhtar compared the RSS and other pro-Hindu organizations to the Taliban. Taliban militants are also Muslims. Their violence has been experienced by Afghan citizens. That is why Muslim citizens have left Afghanistan. Hindus in India, as well as Muslims, have left India due to fear of RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP. That did not happen. If that was the case, the citizens of Afghanistan would not have come to India. They came to India because they believe in India. Comparing Hindu organizations in India to the Taliban means that the Taliban is being criticized around the world. Therefore, it has been insisted that Hindu organizations in India join the ranks of the Taliban. It makes no sense. There is no safer country in the world like India. Everyone's side is heard here. The Taliban does not listen to anyone. They speak the language of guns. They are doing the same today. Afghan national assisting US troops were flown across the city by the Taliban in a helicopter. Everyone saw it. During the 1990s, Hindu Pandits had to leave Kashmir. Even today, they do not dare to go there again. Akhtar is blabbering on like he doesn't know who caused all this. Citizens of their own country are expelled from a state. Why doesn't Akhtar talk about those terrorist organizations, Hindu Pandits?

Many from the state of Kerala have fled India to join ISIS. The police have evidence of this. The Sangh swayamsevaks have been massacred and attacked in Kerala and West Bengal. Akhtar will say what is the mentality of those who provoke the attackers and those who act on them? Those who are haunted only by the intense hatred of pro-Hindu organizations, how can the same organizations be wrong everywhere?

Akhtar know one thing even if you talk, you will not be attacked as violently as the Taliban. It's confirmed. This is how the work of pro-Hindu organizations is popular here. It makes sense. This is the pain of people like Akhtar.

These pro-Hindu organizations have helped the country in the natural calamities by giving their 100% without looking at caste, creed and religion. No one can deny this. The Taliban, on the other hand, has caused bloodshed in Afghanistan. Selfless help to others is possible only when destiny is clear.

Jayesh Rane,


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