Letters to the EDITOR: Preservation of remnants of historic ‘Dighirpukhuri’

The historic 'Dighirpukhuri, covering an area of 100 bighas of land in Barsatra village in Darrang
Letters to the EDITOR: Preservation of remnants of historic ‘Dighirpukhuri’


Preservation of remnants of historic ‘Dighirpukhuri’

The historic 'Dighirpukhuri, covering an area of 100 bighas of land in Barsatra village in Darrang,which was doomed to extinction following natural calamities in the past, has become the site of several socio-cultural and educational institutions. The remnants of the huge western bank of the royal tank, with the tragic tale of 'Kamala Kunwari' attached to it, are on the verge of disappearing due to the reckless and illegal digging of the bank by a section of people of the locality. The urgent need of the hour is to put in a collective effort by the public of the locality and to draw the attention of the State Archaeological Department to preserve the remnants of the bank, bearing evidence of the existence of the royal tank.

Dheeraj Deka,

Dighirpar, Darrang

Banana belt of Pothorughat

The West Darrang district, located along the banks of the Nonoi River, including the greater Pothorughat area, is fertile and suitable land for banana cultivation. The cultivators have been producing different local varieties of bananas with traditional methods and selling them while still green at the weekly market in Pothorughat on Thursdays. But the traditional method of cultivating bananas has proved to be ineffective of late. With the help of the state agriculture department, the banana farmers can be organized and trained to be more professional. The profitable and healthy fruit has good demand in the local markets for the farmers. However, the market at Pothorughat cannot cater to the needs of the customers of the district and beyond. The cultivation of banana in a scientific way on the belt along the Nonoi river can generate employment avenues and attract educated youths towards this activity.

Kulendra Nath Deka,

Dighirpar, Mangaldai

Fluid politics

In politics, there are no permanent friends or foes, only permanent interests. This is a modified version of what the 19th-century British Prime Minister, Lord Viscount Palmerston, said, though there are conflicting opinions on the exact author of the quote. However, there is absolutely no doubt that the thinking leaders’ quotes hold true even in present-day Indian politics. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer is an apt saying that was reflected in RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav's remark the other day. Lalu's "doors are always open" invitation to his foe-turned-friend Nitish Kumar, the Bihar chief minister, says it all. In hindsight, Nitish should only hope that one day no political party will tell him, “Our doors are always open; hopefully you will leave.".

Unlike many other politicians who search for keys without knowing that the doors are open, now it's open entry time for Nitish. Sometimes, political compulsions can push a person to the brink, but modern-day Indian politics has never had the Nitish Kumar-Lalu Prasad type of "bonhomie." While political comics have panned Nitish Kumar, the wily Lalu is biding his time until the doors open to his son Tejashwi Yadav to adorn the top-most post in Bihar.  Since he has almost retired from active politics due to his indifferent health, Lalu Prasad Yadav's only desire is to see his son ascend to power. The powerful Bihar leader knows that the key to success is being friends with every political leader.

Dr Ganapathi Bhat


Indonesia at the crossroads

Indonesia's democratic spirit faces a critical juncture with the controversial election of Prabowo Subianto. Despite promises of continuity, his past record raises concerns about violations of human rights and press freedoms. Can Indonesia balance progress with democratic values? The world watches as its people fight to uphold their hard-won freedoms.

Tauqueer Rahmani


No funds for training CCE-qualified candidates

From March 1 onwards, training for APSC’s CCE-qualified candidates belonging to different services is going to be held. While candidates in audit and accounts services have been asked to join their respective offices directly, candidates who got selected in ACS, APS, Excise, Tax, Finance, etc. will have to undergo trainings arranged by the respective departments.

It is disheartening to note that only the ACS, APS, and sub-registrar officer trainees will get accommodation and lunch facilities during training this time. Officer trainees belonging to departments like Tax, Excise, etc. are asked to arrange their own accommodation and lunch. Moreover, it is still unclear whether the trainees will separately get training allowances like TA, DA, etc.

The government should consider at least giving the officer trainees extra allowances during training if they cannot provide accommodation and lunch to the officer trainees.

A group of officer trainees


RIP radio star Ameen Sayani

For most of us, Ameen Sayani's radio journey started with Binaca Geetmala for Radio Ceylon in 1952, which is certainly when his voice and his show became an instant rage. His golden voice on the airwaves had a charm and warmth that endeared him to people across generations. Through his work, he played an important role in revolutionising Indian broadcasting and nurturing a very special bond with his listeners.

He showcased songs featured in Hindi movies for more than 42 years, helping establish a place for film music in India’s popular culture. I extend my condolences to his family, admirers, and all radio lovers across the globe. May his soul rest in peace.

Jubel D'Cruz,


Legal loss

The vacuum created by the death of legal luminary Fali Nariman may never be filled. But the memory of his passage and deeds shall illumine us forever. A suave, knowledgeable, and outspoken Fali Nariman was always blunt and never minced his words, never compromising on values and principles. His sense of humour was always at its very best. His mastery of the law was impeccable. Fali Nariman led by example through the very high levels of integrity and virtues he always lived by. A legal guru, he will be missed inside and outside the temples of justice. He indeed personified a rare amalgam of knowledge and wisdom in the fields of law and jurisprudence. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

Jayanthy Subramaniam


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