Letters to The EDITOR: Water inside LGBI Airport

The news regarding the leakage of water inside LGBI Airport after a heavy downpour and six diverted flights has drawn our attention.
Letters to The EDITOR: Water inside LGBI Airport


Water inside LGBI Airport

The news regarding the leakage of water inside LGBI Airport after a heavy downpour and six diverted flights has drawn our attention. The disconcerting videos capturing water seepage inside the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport swiftly circulated across social media platforms. The leaked videos depicted water cascading through ceilings and pooling on the floor, promoting widespread discussion and criticism online. The netizens expressed their dismay, as this is not the first time the airport terminal building has seen an unfortunate incident of a leaking roof. The incident raised concern among the travellers. As per reports, the adverse weather conditions obstructed the approach road due to uprooted trees, and the overflowing roof outlets resulted in water ingress inside the terminal. Additionally, a portion of the ceiling collapsed under the pressure of water and strong wind. Luckily, there were no casualties. The incident has brought to light questions regarding the quality of construction and maintenance work. The airport authorities should take swift action to address the apparent lapse in upkeep since it is the only international airport in the entire Northeast region and ensure the safety and convenience of passengers travelling through this important airport.

Iqbal Saikia,



Silly excuse

The EVMs have replaced the old ballot paper system to minimize the time-consuming process of ballot counting. The scientists deserve all the kudos for inventing EVM. In the last few elections, the EVMs were used without any technical errors. But very amusingly, of late, the opposition has raised a hue and cry against the use of EVM, claiming manipulation by the ruling party as they have started doubting the efficacy of our judiciary, Armed Forces, CBI,EC, ED, etc. on so many occasions. They never raised this issue when the opposition won elections in West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Telangana. It appears as if, for the opposition, the EVMs are OK so long as they are winning. It is indeed a very childish complaint, which is very amusing and strange. A very simple piece of advice to our so-called unified opposition: “If you have nothing to do, please do not do it here.”

Dr. Ashim chowdhury,


Deteriorating roads

Why do village roads deteriorate so quickly after being paved? Did you notice that after a heavy rain, the middle of the road is filled with water? Why and for whose fault is this? We certainly need to know this. Usually, we blame the government when roads are not rebuilt or repaired. We often demand paved roads from the departmental authorities or local MLAs and MPs. But we don't pay any attention to the fact that the water from our houses, gardens, and yards flows into the street. This is not a coincidence; we have seen water accumulating in the middle of the road day after day. Sadly, despite being able to divert the waters, some do not or are not willing to do such a positive thing. This causes the paved roads to weaken very quickly and create huge potholes in the middle of the road. This results in the suffering of the general public. How sad it is—we should at least think about it ourselves. If there were drains on both sides of the road, it would not matter if the water fell into the drains and the road was safe. However, as responsible citizens of the country, everyone should resolve to keep their roads good. Otherwise, we will be ridiculed by guests.

Heramba Nath,

Hindumaizali, Kamrup

Agonizing experience

We had a most agonizing experience on Sunday (March 31) for passing through a long period of load shedding from the morning until 8 p.m. at night. The load shedding has become a part of our lives, but I don't remember having been subjected to such a bitter experience in recent months. It has caused total disruption in daily life, without water and failure to use electrical appliances at home. The state power department has to take the blame for the current mess in the power sector. Every time, it reminds us of the inefficiency and failure of the experts and policymakers who have been involved in the creation of power infrastructure in the state.

Pannalal Dey


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